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    Neighborhood fun & games

    So I bought a house. Again. I've owned three before, but abandoned all of them because I found no use for them. Now I actually have alts and more reasons to have one place they can all easily access and 'enjoy'... but that's not quite enough.

    I was wondering, since the neighborhood I live in is pretty new with lots of houses available and new people probably coming in (and since Turbine probably isn't going to do anything about housing any time soon), would there be a way for me/us make owning a house in a neighborhood fun and useful for all of us who feel like there's way too much hidden potential in the system.

    I was thinking of maybe mailing my neighbors and organizing some kind of small, leisurely events, and then got kinda stuck. What CAN you do in the neighborhood? I think we could have events for fishing, maybe play something like hide and seek or it, or have riddle contests, or something along those lines, but that's all my imagination offers right now.

    Of course my 'great' plans rely heavily on whether or not other people in the neighborhood would be interested, and organization issues (time zones&co.), but I can plan and dream to my heart's content while mustering the courage to actually ask my neighbors. So. What kind of an event would you organize in a neighborhood, or what kind of neighborhood events have you been to? Suggestions, ideas, fond memories, words of warning (as in, don't do this'n'that, it didn't work)?

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    Re: Neighborhood fun & games

    All of the neighborhoods seem to have a stage with seating (that you can actually sit in). You could try stand-up comedy shows, talent shows, fashion shows, music concerts and such. You might even have a day where everyone meets to swap housing items.

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    Re: Neighborhood fun & games

    'Mini-games' are becoming a popular feature for MMOs. The whole chicken-play thing we have here is an excellent example of this and the neighborhoods are a perfect spot to add more features like that imo.
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    Re: Neighborhood fun & games

    Having a get together sounds like a blast, but the neighborhoods are small and a good portion of the people there either quit, are taking a break, won't be interested or are not able to make it.

    What about posting an event on the calendar? Advertising in your servers GLFF? Invite everyone, and you'll have a higher chance of getting enough people together to make it a fun event. Otherwise you'll be lucky to get a handful.

    Ideas for stuff to do:

    1. Screenshot Scavenger Hunt.
    2. Hide and Seek.
    3. Dice games (/roll, lol)
    4. Set up a player band on the stage.
    5. Sparring tournament. (You can summon your skirmish soldier in the housing neighborhoods, do they work in spars as well?)
    6. Trivia.

    However you decide to do it, I wish you good luck

    And some creeps. Most of whom shall remain nameless :p

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    Re: Neighborhood fun & games

    Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I'll need to work on this now!

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    Re: Neighborhood fun & games

    I like the idea someone came up with of a "social raid". This would be a great thing for Turbine to implement in the housing areas. About the closest thing right now is the Winterhome play for 3 people. It would be fun to have some sort of scalable hide-and-seek contest, or dramatic re-enactment. ("You played Elrond last time! You always get to be Elrond! Go play Sauron for a change.")



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