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    What creeps do when raid brakes up!

    Us trying to take down a training dummy in grams.

    Trying to gank medo outside of grams...No hard feelings

    Finaly killing medo.

    So that is what we creeps do after we finish raiding....Sad I couldn't get any of us Role Playing with Seleth as a dog and akban as the owner.

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    Re: What creeps do when raid brakes up!

    Ah yes. In time, we will look back at this forum post and say, "Those were the days!"
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    Re: What creeps do when raid brakes up!

    You need to add Quag goes freep side to talk about how great of a leader he is

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    Re: What creeps do when raid brakes up!

    hehe i should have got away after i got seleth
    idk wht i was thinking hanging around wtab with 8 k morale lol
    u got me rly bad there didnt think u guys will come all the way from grims 2 wtab after me

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    Re: What creeps do when raid brakes up!

    If I thought I could get a kb on you medo I would chase you from grams to isen to HH to GV.....and back again!
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