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    I take it we all should just give up on the thought of a revamped housing system?

    We all have been waiting years for at least a open hook housing system. We keep getting more and more cool housing items and yet we've run out of room in our houses to display them years ago. Not to mention a large portion of the items are bound to a character, so storing them is a pain in the rear.

    Once upon a time, there was a blue name that posted that there was a housing update planned, yet that was around the time of the Moria launch. From then, it seems that it's been moved from the back burner to the deep freeze.

    I guess at this point, housing means nothing more than a place to throw some junk so another character can pick it up. What a shame too, it had all kinds of promise. At this point, hardly anyone even cares anymore. Almost no one goes to their house. Most houses seem to be locked out.

    It's pretty depressing.

    I hate the new Edit Signature functionality

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    Re: I take it we all should just give up on the thought of a revamped housing system?

    I would like to see the housing updated. I have recently just got into the housing and all. I have started to gather items to display and really enjoy the idea of having a place to hang my hat so to speak. However i would like to be able to display alot more both inside and out, I think it would be great if the scholar desks and map tables would allow for a place to sit while at them. I was talking with some friends and we were thinking if possibly in the thin furniture slots could we get something like a stand to maybe hang our old gear we are proud of on a dispaly rack like you see suits of armour. If nothing else I would like to be able to have mulitple houses to store their decorations in, just because my bank slots are all full of crafting materials. Since I have found the housing I have started to enjoy a secondary aspect of this game and would love to see it get some TLC.

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    Re: I take it we all should just give up on the thought of a revamped housing system?

    Well, they did change the size of the summerfest painting (smaller). And they have added guards via the store. And they have added some raid drop items (Draigoch enormous yard statue)(Draigoch fireplace). So they are doing some things for housing, just little things that most would not care about.

    I am still hopeful that they have been working behind the scenes on a major upgrade and that someday it will be revealed and all will be right in the world.

    But, I am a hopeless optimist.



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