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    Golden Treasure Inside is Hid - A Blog About the Lore in LOTRO

    Hello everyone,

    I'd like to introduce you to a new blog, Golden Treasure Inside is Hid, that discusses points of interest of Middle Earth lore, Easter eggs, etc. to be found in LOTRO. It's a long journey that's just starting, there are treasures all around us in all of the regions, some obvious, some perhaps more obscure.

    Topics covered so far include Hobbit archers in Fornost, the statues in Michel Delving and Brockenborings, Weathertop, wondering what's up in Waymeet, the Frostbluff Theatre, Mr. Ronald Dwale, a conversation about boating in Budgeford - even some chicken lore! There are a few mysteries, too.

    Stop by some time, you might even find something new!

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    Re: Golden Treasure Inside is Hid - A Blog About the Lore in LOTRO

    Happy Tuesday, everyone.

    A few new articles have been added to include an article on the Lore found in the Old Forest, Bilbo's Trolls (including an extra detail some may not have noticed), plus a couple articles in my "Cracked Eggs" series that point out more non-Middle Earth eggs - including a killer bunny in Enedwaith and a retired Swedish Cuisinier outside Fornost (my personal favorite for the week). Later this week we'll see a couple more articles posted about additional Lore in the Trollshaws!


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    Re: Golden Treasure Inside is Hid - A Blog About the Lore in LOTRO

    Life outside of Middle Earth has slowed my postings a bit, but we're back on track just in time for an article on Valentine's Day at Cerin Amroth!

    Other recent articles include the History of Rhudaur in LOTRO, the ghost in the Bay of Forochel, those odd bearded Hobbits in Enedwaith, and the instrument for which everyone has a fever - the Moor Cowbell!

    Happy readings and Happy Valentine's Day! http://lotrolorenuggets.blogspot.com/

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    Re: Golden Treasure Inside is Hid - A Blog About the Lore in LOTRO

    Happy Update 6 everyone!

    Like a prisoner in the bowels of Isengard, I've been toiling away in real life and not posting new blog articles nearly as often as I'd like. But in honor of the new update, and how very much I am enjoying it, I have made a new post today. I don't plan to give away spoilers at every turn, but I couldn't resist just ONE! I'm so excited about the lore I have already encountered in this new area, and about what may be waiting around the next corner. If you are curious about the magnificent statue you'll find west of Stangard, look no further! You'll also finder newer posts on Eregion and the Tombs of Evendim.


    Happy reading and, more importantly, happy questing in the Great River region!

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    Re: Golden Treasure Inside is Hid - A Blog About the Lore in LOTRO

    I'm pleased to announce new posts on the Brown Lands, the Ring Lore of Eregion and - my favorite - a guest post by my Council of Eriador kinmate, Joel Twiggins, with something Blue about the Brown Lands! Stop by to see what he's found!


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    After a bit of a hiatus this summer/fall, my blog is back. Recent posts include a 'shipper post on Horn/Nona and that mysterious sword of Wadu's, a post on prostitution in Middle Earth (*cough* yes, you read that right), and a return to Goblin Town in honor of the release of The Hobbit in U.S. theaters this past weekend. Coming soon: posts on the lore we find in some of our everyday skills as well as the lore in the "nationalities" we select when rolling a new toon.

    Happy Yule Festival and Happy RL Holidays!


    Golden Treasure Inside is Hid

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    Tonight I post a mystery that I need help solving, involving an odd painting in the Redhorn Lodes. Check out my latest blog post and leave comments there if you have any insight on what this painting is!

    In other posts - Eärnur the inspiration for the Captain class? Huh?!?

    And as we approach Valentine's Day, don't make plans to meet your sweetheart at Cerin Amroth on that day - be sure to read my post from last year about Valentine's Day on Cerin Amroth!

    Golden Treasure Inside is Hid

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    Happy Easter to many of you - I almost broke out in hives thinking of the egg contest and deeds from last summer's Farmer's Faire.

    I have a new post on the Lore found in the Minstrel class, as well as a new post suggested by reader Danania on the Company of Thorin Oakenshield and how the Dwarves are found, or mentioned, in LOTRO. Stop by and have a look!

    And I do enjoy receiving requests for Lore articles!



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