I didnt have much going on this weekend so i logged in to play on my warg a bit. The moors seemed quite unusually dead for a Sunday with only a few freeps out hanging around EC, so i did a little bit of both pve and pvp to pass time. Roamed around a bit and caught a LM with about 10k morale riding back to EC from GV. Fighting ensued and then 2 other freeps rode in and i disappeared while the LM was going through an induction on her Lightning Storm which critted 3x with a bit over 2.7k each for a total of about 8.1k morale. My warg has almost 12k morale and i barely got away with less than 2k with the hunter tracking me right after i disappeared but didnt pursue lol.

Thank you for reminding me how imbalance and broken this game is Turbine.