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    Creep Housing Ideas

    Freeps got 'em, so now its time to look at us Creeps. Creep housing ideas that I've come up with:

    1) Entry Level
    Crude Dugout
    This first level of creep housing consists of a hole dug into the ground. You will be out in the open, shivering in winter, baking in the summer. As a low ranking slug, that shouldn’t bother you too much. Decorations available: pile of Hobbit bones, wolf-skin hide, small campfire, Dwarf-teeth necklace.

    2) Second Level
    Abandoned Wolf Den
    This next level consists of an abandoned wolf den, with the former tenants showing up from time to time, to fight you over possession of it. Decorations available: Auroch’s hide blanket, legs of men, medium campfire, foul scrawls on the cave wall.

    3) Third Level
    Sharkey’s Tarred Shed
    You are now beginning to move up through the creep ranks. Becoming one of Sauron’s lackeys permits you to move into what is for you a luxury condominium. Decorations available: crossed rusty swords and shield, a bucket of tar (for patching the leaky roof), a bed made of itchy straw, an old broken potbelly stove, head-of-a-dwarf-on-a-pike, and a fetish made of sun-touched eagle feathers.

    4) Fourth Level
    Broken-Into Hoarhallow House
    Having reached the rank of Commander of Creep Forces in the Ettenmoors, War-Tyrant Akulhûn has gifted you with this hobbit house. Decorations available: cruelly defaced pictures of the former residents, stack of Elf-limbs, large cooking pot, skull-and-bones arrangement, a wagon of Hoarhallow leaf, set of blackened armor, Coldfells Guards entrails (for making divinations).

    5) Fifth Level
    Overlord Keep
    Having reached the rank of Overlord, War-Tyrant Akulhûn has gifted you with a keep, providing of course that those pesky Tarks don’t come in and take it. Decorations available: stack of Hoarhallow Ale casks, large picture of His Eminence Sauron framed with Hobbit bones, a lice-infested bearskin rug bed, whip-and-chains for keeping the sluggards busy, pile of Tark skulls (showing your most recent accomplishments).

    6) Sixth Level
    Tyrant House
    Since War-Tyrant Akulhûn cannot have you around to challenge him for supremacy in the Ettenmoors, you are sent to one of the Towers of the Teeth, Narchost or Carchost. Here you become a “made creep”, enjoying the many luxuries afforded by Sauron, including the company of some sexy Merrivail. As you look out into the gloom of Mordor, beholding the fire-lit domains of Sauron, you are reminded of the many noob Freeps that you’ve slain, and the many sluggards you’ve stepped on, to get to this point. Guzzling home-brewed wine mixed with blood, you reminisce about the many battles you’ve fought and won, and the many Tark skulls you’ve collected, and the many Dwarf-teeth you’ve wrenched out. Decorations available: enemies of Mordor hanging in cages around the walls, framed autographed pictures of the Nazgûl, a captured Dwarf (for tossing), Wizard’s
    Beard arrangement, large cooking pot & pile of Hobbit-sneaks captured trying to enter Mordor.
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    /signed Love it! I would greatly enjoy a signed portrait of the Sauron, or maybe a shrine to our lord and saviour Morgoth
    ‘All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.’ – Gandalf the Grey

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    good grief - creeps / PvMP does already have enough problems?

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    Would be failure like new pvp map.

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    Since we're all just making up dumb ideas nowadays! I've always thought Creeps should have crafting!
    All that garbage loot laying around map, all that dead time being camped at Grams...
    Perfect opportunity to let creeps do something as they are intently reading OOC chat and trolling!

    Ah well...we can always dream.

    Jimi's Mash/Jimiheals

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    I would really just like a new Tree, thnx!



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