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    Edges of Insanity - Recruiting

    Edges Of Insanity

    Edges Of Insanity is a relatively young kinship on the snowbourn server. In december 2011, we reached rank 10. The kinship was founded by Phortold, and he is still leading it with great succes. We have a very nice atmosphere and focus on end-game content while still looking out for our lower level members. Some of us join the occasional PvP as well.

    Our main goal is to complete the hardest content in the game, meaning the newest raids on tier 2. While doing this, we want to maintain the good kin spirit as we have it right now. To accomplish this, we have a mix of very experienced raid leaders, skilled players and great personalities. When we recruit, we look for kindred spirits, not necessarily the most experienced raiders, but players who want to improve and grow with us as a kin.

    For lower level members, we do the older raids from time to time. We have kinchests full of items for class quests, and a bunch of experienced crafters who can help out with armor, jewellery and weapons. We have also appointed class leaders, who can help people out with any question they may have about their class.

    We have an active kin chat, and use Team Speak for voice chat communication. Of course we have a website as well. If you think you would fit in, if you wanna explore the end-game content with us or if you just wanna have a laugh on TS, apply on the website:


    Kind regards,

    the Edges of Insanity Officer Team

    - Phortold
    - Kerander
    - Selandes
    - Salahad
    - Forky
    - Ladinia
    - Vazq



    Tower of Orthanc
    Full T1 clear
    Fire & Frost T2
    Lightning T2 CM

    T2 HM clear

    Ost Dunhoth
    Full T1 clear
    Wound, Poison, Fear and Disease T2 clear

    Barad Guldur
    Full clear

    Dar Narbugund
    Full clear

    Full clear
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