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    Great Saruman Run


    We just did a perfect t1 run (no deaths, no real problems at all, actually) we had phase 4 down to 1 saruman. When one of our wardens went link dead. In a puddle.

    We healed him both as he left the game and as he came back in, somehow. But when he came back in....he had no more ring.

    And so we couldn't advance the phase.

    The GM's response when our raid leader filed a ticket (while phase 4xII was CURRENTLY HAPPENING)?

    The Warden has to file the ticket.

    The (very same) GM's response when the Warden filed a ticket, again, while we were still fighting Phase 4?

    You have to create a bug report.

    I think what I'd like to say is, instead of having us waste our time like complete idiots, what made it impossible for the in-game GM to tell the raid leader that he would have to create a bug report in the first place?

    That's ignoring the question of, why can't the in-game GM just drop the required item into the players inventory and fix the problem?

    We just spent an hour on the fight to have it bug out, and then another 30 minutes to get a response that basically told us in an extremely aggravating manner that we're S.O.L. for the time being at least.

    -rep Turbine in game support.

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    Re: Great Saruman Run

    I feel for you...

    On a related note, my kin run a fortnight ago had the same bug, where one of the ring-bearers DCed and (being a temporary item) the ring was gone when he came back online.
    So you're not alone.
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    Re: Great Saruman Run

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