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    More lvls for you house

    I have always wonted more floors for my house since I have been playing from 2007 I would like to see them make a new quest where you would either go to all the different housing area's do some things in each area. Other Idea is housing rep before you can build more on your house.... Then if you have enought rep then you can talk to a housing fourmen that you can get a paper that says what you can build on your house.... Then you could put that item in slot of your house that you wonted... Plus the more rep you get you could get different items plus get more areas for you yard.... my feelings are that the more little things in the game that you do in the game or any game makes a lot of people happy....
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    Re: More lvls for you house

    The easiest way they could add more levels is to add basement lvls. This way they would not need to change the general appearance of the neighbourhoods. Would be nice to have more wall/floor space to display all of my stuff.

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    Re: More lvls for you house

    A basement would be ideal
    Maybe a loft type area for the bigger houses

    Hell anything that updates the Housing system would be welcome
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