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Thread: QQ

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    Re: QQ

    All the balance talk is wasted cyber-air. Seems lots like the political spin we are used to. No the classes don't match up and I hope they never do, that would be dumb. On our server examine the facts, the map is nearly perma-red and in 1v1 creeps win consistently.....no not always but often, and more than often enough. Fight a good ranked creep and you have to work hard to win, thems the facts! People struggle in the moors when they don't work together. A well led group (with good followers) will stomp a disconnected mob any day of the week no matter which side you are talking about. There are a lot of problems in the moors and the "fun-level" is seriously diminished from 6 months ago (IMO) but the constant crying does nothing to help anyone (again IMO).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoges View Post
    creep heals and dps will never mirror freep ones. Simple reason is their morale doesn't match up.
    Read much? I think what you meant to say was oops I didnt read all your post before i typed this and really didn't feel like deleting it. I see where you said if the mitigations are fixed then drop the creep morale....my bad.

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    Everything I have to say on the topic of Freep/Creep balance can be found here (in another post).

    Really starting to get tired of hearing this same argument over and over...
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    Re: QQ

    Quote Originally Posted by Jessy82 View Post
    Welcome to the club

    The problem is the creep mentality, a distorted view of priorities. Rank does not equal skill, I don't care what anyone says. It just used to be in the past usually people with rank had a bit of skill, but Isen ruined that.

    Even in your post, questing being a low risk way of ranking up... whats the risk? Dying? Is having a 5 star rating worth giving up good fights?

    Dying isn't bad... I'm a hunter, I should never be in the front lines, but I find myself there a lot.. I get three kills and get shredded, its worth it. Imagine what would happen if classes designed to be on the front lines were there? Creeps don't seem to understand this. Reavers only fight while charge is up. Wargs pounce, take a few swipes then get back into stealth. BAs get hit once pop evade and run. Come on! Stand and fight, everyone
    well said.. well said...

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    Re: QQ

    Quote Originally Posted by Bjornl View Post
    If your green just shut up

    Haha, well put


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