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    Automatic Raid Shout

    Hi all,

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section of the forum but I figure you guys are most likely to be able to help.

    I was wondering if there is a plugin available which will automatically display everything in the 'Say' chatbox as a raid-wide shout, or at least display it in big letters in the middle of the screen? This would be especially useful in fights where you need to react very quickly to something the boss says - for example "Shock Wilkes".

    There is a good example of this working in this video (you'll see it happening every 20-30 secs from 4m 30s onwards):

    Does anyone have any other ideas as to how they get this to work?

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Automatic Raid Shout

    The text you are talking about is /raidshout <text>

    can be used in FS as well iirc
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    Re: Automatic Raid Shout

    Quote Originally Posted by Malindruel View Post
    The text you are talking about is /raidshout <text>

    can be used in FS as well iirc
    I am sure the OP understands this. The OP does not have time to read what is received in standard. Type /raidshout "lots of characters here" in time.

    Looking for something that can read incoming messages. Sent them back out automatically at computer speeds to raid shout channel.

    What leaders have done in the past is shortcut the messages to quickslots. They press keys on the keyboard to send canned shouts. Or they use the alais system so they only have to type a couple characters. Or they use a programmable keyboard that has the message stored under a function key.

    I am not sure how much use a plug in would be. I am not sure what happens if you try to do two raidshouts in quick sucession.
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    AW: Automatic Raid Shout

    not sure about raidshout but i use:


    put in your name, tick for filter the unfiltered (and just to be sure also the say) and some message. But must be installed for everyone. Might be hacked to give a raid shout but its way easier if everyone installs it

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    Re: Automatic Raid Shout

    Plugins can not automatically send chat to chat channels, they can only detect the incomming messages. This is not likely to change since Turbine chose this mechanism to prevent abuse of the plugin system.

    It would be possible for an author to create a plugin similar to LoTROAlerts that can be set to detect a message, but instead of just popping up a message, would pop up a quickslot button that the player could click to pass the message along in another channel (for instance /raidshout for raid leaders). I have a couple of other changes for LoTROAlerts and if I can find the time will add this as well.

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    Re: Automatic Raid Shout

    Hi all

    Thanks a lot for your replies, +rep to everyone for taking the time.

    The chap who created the video kindly dropped me an email and said they are indeed all using LOTRO Alerts but I assume they have the pattern set as the word shock as certainly the raid leader got everyones messages, not just his own.

    I love the idea of a quickslot popping up with an auto raidchat shortcut. We had a lot of problems when we tested LOTRO Alert last night. About half the group weren't getting the messages popping up at all. If you do ever add this function please drop me a PM.

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    AW: Automatic Raid Shout

    with this plugin it's not "shock" that we put but our name - also helps for other bosses (but most other encounters there is enough time for teamspeak latency to not matter and someone can tell the persons names to act)
    In our raid noone is having problems with this plugin - so i would suggest that you go step by step through the process on how to set it up - maybe make a screenshot and explain to everyone thoroughly what to do (some were not using plugins so far and we explained step by step - everyone managed it)



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