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Thread: Plugins

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    So i wanted to downlaod plugins, i got on a few different cites to try to install the turbine library or whatever its called. Every time it says 404 page not found. So was wondering if there is a new one or something. thanks

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    Re: Plugins

    You don't need to use the Turbine Samples (what you are calling the Turbine Library) unless a plugin author based their plugin on one of the samples and didn't include the necessary files themselves. Most authors got away from that bad habit because it confused end users and the Turbine Samples were subject to changes which broke many plugins that used their files. If you do find a plugin that still uses the Turbine Samples, you can download the samples from http://content.turbine.com/sites/lot..._LuaPlugins.7z but you will also need a 7z unzip program available free from http://www.7-zip.org/ .

    As I mentioned, you can simply download, install and use most plugins without the Turbine Samples (the actual Lua library is part of the LoTRO client and already exists on your computer). Just go to LoTROInterface.com, find a plugin that looks interesting - I would suggest trying one that has been updated since RoI was released since they are the least likely to have compatability issues and the author is still around to answer questions if you have them. Be sure to read the description on the download page that the author posted as most of them include installation instructions as well as information on any dependancies the plugin may have. If you have any problems, read the thread on the download page for the plugin as most plugins have many people using them and any question you are likely to have, someone else has already asked and the answer is already posted.
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