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    Forged By Fire - Recruitment

    Forged by Fire is an end game raiding kin that specializes in taking down the hardest content in Lotro. We have a fairly large player base, with an excellent track record of being server first on the newest raids. FBF has a mix between hardcore players and casual players, And Pvp'ers

    We are an adult only kinship so you must be 18 or older to join.


    We raid 6-7 days a week with a start time of 9pm est. However some raids start at 10pm est. We focus on the Newest end game content first, however we do go back and do some of the older content from time to time for fun.
    We also run Draigoch and skirm raids during the day as well as pvp and run 3 and 6 mans.
    Our current raids we run are as follows

    Tower of Orthanc tiers 1 and 2 - multiple runs a week
    Draigoch - multiple times a week
    skirmish raids - multiple times a week
    Pvp - small grouping and raids - creep and freep side.

    We are open to all classes and we encourage you to bring in your alts, But your main toon must be level 75.

    No one is forced into raiding or doing anything at any time. Our main objectives are to Have fun, Raid, Pvp, Have more fun!

    We Also welcome all casual players as well.

    We have Ventrillo And currently run a 0 dkp system for raiding.

    Our current Officers and Kin leader are as follows

    Chuknorriss / Alloy - Kin Leader/Raid Leader
    Grimsom - officer
    Flinx - Officer
    Eamond - Officer
    Canin - Officer
    Xzealot - Officer

    If you would like to contact us with any questions feel free to do so in game, or with a in game mail or tell.

    If you feel like Forged by Fire is the kin for you please apply on our website at http://fbfvilya.guildlaunch.com and you will be contacted within 24 hours. Thank you for Checking us out and we look forward to your application soon!!
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    Re: Forged By Fire - Recruitment

    We are still open for recruitment http://fbfvilya.guildlaunch.com

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    Re: Forged By Fire - Recruitment

    Server First time and time again, lots of players online during the daytime and at night.
    Check out FBF and its new leadership. We get things done while having fun...

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    Re: Forged By Fire - Recruitment

    Website has been updated , Still open for recruitment Come check us out !!! http://fbfvilya.guildlaunch.com

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    Re: Forged By Fire - Recruitment

    Multiple daytime Dragon, Hele and Skirm Raids weekly. Multiple Tower Raids Weekly, Multiple Saurumon t2 take downs weekly. Many players active in the Moors both freep and creep, play styles from casual raiders to the best of the best can be found in FBF.

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    Re: Forged By Fire - Recruitment

    We have been 8 -10 manning Dragons a few days a week, not due to lack of people online but locks. Could always use a few more day or day and night time players. Give a shout for a fbf officer or check out our www @ http://fbfvilya.guildlaunch.com

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    Re: Forged By Fire - Recruitment

    Welcome to all our new recruits and members. The growth has been phenomenal!!
    We are still not back to having the numbers to run 2 simultaneous nightly/daily raids but getting closer.

    Check out the most competent and fun Kinship on the server. http://fbfvilya.guildlaunch.com

    The Best at Everything we do......

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    Re: Forged By Fire - Recruitment

    We are currently still recruiting All classes. Check us out at http://fbfvilya.guildlaunch.com



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