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Thread: Rushock Bog

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    Rushock Bog

    I've heard that there was a troll in Rushock Bog, but I went there and only found a stone one. However, I'm guessing that this is only because I went there in the daytime(lol) has anyone actually fought a troll here?

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    Re: Rushock Bog

    There's a quest line in Needlehole that ends with you fighting a troll (and a bunch of dwarves). Bring friends.

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    Re: Rushock Bog

    Actually there is one more stone troll wandering in Rushock Bog. He is a level 7 or 8 signature or a weak elite that drops nothing of note. How-some-ever he is there. I think it possibly is a rare spawn that has a highly wandering gnat placeholder on the east side of the road. Haven't seen him west of the road.
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    Re: Rushock Bog

    the troll you are looking for is at the dourhand camp in Needlehole, but you can only see him when you accept this quest from a dwarf in Needlehole.

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    Re: Rushock Bog

    Only seen a troll there once, was a level 7-8 rare can't remember elite or sig think I was about level 40 something at the time so few months ago lol and just passing through when saw it and killed it. got a free level 7 yellow helm from it lmao Guess shouldn't of expected it to drop anything useful lol

    Though I don't really travel through there that often anyways even on my lower level character, so no idea how many times or often it shows.
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    Re: Rushock Bog

    The Roaming Troll is indeed very rare.

    It's not on a Timer like some Sigs/Elites.
    I think, as stated, it has a placeholder you need to kill for it to spawn.

    I am a Lifetime VIP, and have been playing since 2007 beta, and have only seen this Troll on 2 occasions

    Once on my baby hunter in the beginning of the game. My hunter was lvl 7 (about 300hp) the Troll was level 8 with over 2k hp. So I legged it

    Then again on same toon when he was level 50, killed the Troll just for scaring him when he was younger. Got a nice purple Helm for level 8 toon

    Haven't seen him since
    He was walking along the path between the bridges on the islands

    The other Troll is a quest mob, only accessible by doing the "Gift for the North" quest
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    Re: Rushock Bog

    I have seen the wandering troll just once in the almost three years I have been playing, and I have taken more characters through Rushock Bog than than many of you might believe, tireless altoholic that I am. My sighting was at night.



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