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    Looking for a Kinship for RuneKeeper

    My level 10 Runekeeper, tinker by vocation is looking for a kinship on the Silverlode server. He is not my first toon in the game but he is my only Runekeeper and my best character on this server. I have a Guardian that will probably either become a farmer for my cooking skill for Derunthos or will get deleted. I haven't decided yet.

    I'm an adult player (not giving age but I've got an adult son) and this is my first mmo. I have a Lore-master (lvl 25) and guardian (lvl 22) that I play regularly on another server.

    I'm looking for a kin that has upper and lower level members (or members willing to assist a lowly RNK get higher levels). I am working on my vocations as I move along to get those up to a level where I can provide jewelry and food for my kin-mates.

    If anyone has an opening and is interested I will be online with this character most of this week trying to level him up and improve his skills and traits.


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    Welcome to LOTRO
    Exiles of Valinor are a rank 10 kin (Means we have a kinhouse and access to Ventrilo) We are mature (a few of us are even old enough to remember some of the 60's and the 70s and paper based RPG's). We are friendly: we chat a fair bit and swap mats, ingredients and rep items and are patient and helpful (The others need to be with people like me playing!)

    We have casual players, loremonkeys, altaholics, crafters and some really fast levellers/end gamers. We also have members from all over the world, although most are in US, UK or Europe. This leads to chat about times and seasons occasionally but it also means our kin-parties tend to run for 24 hours!

    Ceoltur-alts Lungeo and Ziiburg is our founder, officers Elysibeth, Zacchius, me and many others. Send one of us a tell in game or go to our kinsite at guildportal.com>LOTRO>Silverlo de server>Exiles of Valinor and join us there.

    BTW: I have many spare gems in my vault, gifted me by kinnies when I started as a baby tinker (in my level 40's-that's what I meant by patient and helpful ) so Peralda usually crafts something nice for new kinnies-like a runestone or tokens maybe?

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    Re: Looking for a Kinship for RuneKeeper

    OOps sorry forgot when i log in in-game my ghost account rises

    see below for info on Exiles of Valinor

    And the minstrel sang to them……”and they passed in thought out to regions where pain and delight flow together and tears are the very wine of blessedness.”



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