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    right clicking your name...

    So often myself and kinmates and friends have been vocalizing their dislike about how when we go to leave the fellowship/group/raid we almost leave our kins instead.

    It should be made a lot harder to leave your kin, like perhaps something in your options tab instead?


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    Re: right clicking your name...

    I get the reasoning to put all this functionality in one place where people can find it. Instead of scattered around. The leave kin function used to be on the kin page. Perhaps the best solution would be a confirmation pop up. Are you sure you want to leave your kin?
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    Re: right clicking your name...

    But it's still there on the kin page as well: "Quit". Right next to the flipping the pages buttons... I've always wondered why they just can't move it to the left instead, so it's not in the way.
    And I also don't like that it's also now under your portrait. Almost every time I nearly click on leave kin instead of fellowship...

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    Re: right clicking your name...

    it is poor design to put those options next to each other. I seriously hope that Turbine will move the 'leave kinship' option as it is very prone to choosing the wrong option by mistake.
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    Re: right clicking your name...

    This is extremely poor design!

    There has been many whom have been fooled by this already. I have been close to do it myself many times as well. I know it doesn't matter much but at least I would be kinda annoyed if it would happen to me knowing that I've been in my kin since 2007 and the date would reset if i'd get invited again ..

    Still. It doesn't change the fact that it's an idiotic change.
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