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Thread: winter fest

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    Angry winter fest

    the game is expensive as it is.. and now you take the only way for us to make money away from us,how about give something back to the players instead of always taking stuff away. The store is way over priced and the "points" we get are so low. The main reason I go to the festivals is so I can make some money to play the game .I thought it was a "FREE" Game .Everything you need take's money or points and the amount for the items is Extremely high priced. So just give us back the 1 gold for the horses..What is the problem? I spend a lot of money on this game you can at least give something back can't you?

    If you keep this, this way a lot of people will be upset by it. Put it back the way it was, please.

    Thank you,

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    Re: winter fest

    Festival horses cost 200 silver. No one expects to make money from festivals. We go to festivals to have fun playing cool minigames and score some new outfits and decorations. Turbine points are meant to be BOUGHT with real MONEY! That's why they're hard to get in the game. Stop your b!tch!ng and enjoy the game.

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    Re: winter fest

    I reread your post, OP, a few times and it doesn't make much sense. Festival horses are cheap, and regardless of if they cost 1g or 200s, in addition to festival tokens, it wouldn't give you any opportunity to make more gold off of it. (in fact it being cheaper currently means you save gold when buying them)

    The only way to make coin off of festivals is to earn the festival cosmetics and home furnishings and sell them in the AH. Its been this way for well over a year at least. And what does winter fest (the subject of your post) have to do with turbine points? Your post was just so scattered, its hard to tell what you what changed exactly, or what exactly is unsatisfactory to you.

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    Re: winter fest

    Agree with the last two posts. Who goes to the festivals to make money? Play the game for fun, and quit whining.

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    Re: winter fest

    This is the second person asking for something that has never existed, except as a bug for 1 day of 1 festival over a year ago.

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    Re: winter fest

    I still don't understand what you trying to say
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    Re: winter fest

    Quote Originally Posted by GregJL View Post
    This is the second person asking for something that has never existed, except as a bug for 1 day of 1 festival over a year ago.
    Yeah, and both posts were equally as confusing. I had to re-read them both a couple times searching for what exactly the complaint was about.
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