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    Extracting Inventory details to file

    An appeal to the experts (I apologise for being lazy, but you guys will know the answer far more quickly than I do!)

    Since it takes Aaaaaaaaages for the lorebook to be updated, is it possible for a plugin to go through a characters inventory (ie. bags and equipment slots), and write all the stats out to a file?

    And does anybody know of anything that already exists to do this?

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    Re: Extracting Inventory details to file

    Lua has no access to item stats that affect the character (such as +morale, etc.). All we can get is the item name, category, durability, quality, wear state and icon image IDs. Those few things are already saved by AltInventory but the RoI update for AltInventory which includes the Equipped Items has not been published yet (hopefully soon).

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    Re: Extracting Inventory details to file

    Thanks for that. It's very useful, even if the answer is an unfortunate "No!". (Saves me wasting my time thinking about writing my own plugin to collect the information.)



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