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    WTS Rank 10 Kinship + House and 3 chests for in game gold.

    Hello everyone,

    One of my Characters, Kitts, is currently the leader of a rank 10 kinship who's members have moved on. This kinship started out as a group of local friends and ran great for about a year, but one by one they moved on to other games and now I am the only active player left. I do not have the time or energy build this kin back up to an active base, but that doesn't mean someone else couldn't. It currently has 23 members still on the roster and they aren't going anywhere, so no worries about keeping the kin from disappearing.

    The name is Govannas Uin Draug, and the house is located at 5 Long St, Durrow, Bree-Land Homesteads. It has all three chests but is otherwise empty and ready to decorate and make your own, no need to wait three months to get the house when you start a new kinship.

    From the reading I have done it appears 40 Gold is a good starting place for price, but I am of course open to negotiations and fair trade.

    Thank you and have a great day.
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    Re: WTS Rank 10 Kinship + House and 3 chests for in game gold.

    Kinship sold.

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    This wasn't yours to sell, Walter. I wish you would have spoken to me about it, first, maybe through Ryan or Shane. That is my name, the one I came up with, and now it's been sold to someone else. I understand why you did it, but the question I have now, is this, do you remember to whom you sold it, so I can at least petition to get my characters back in?




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