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    Neighborhood spawn, abandoned house CD

    Does anyone know the time it takes for a new 'hood to spawn once all homes are gone in the existing instances. How about how long after a home is abandoned before it came back on the market? Are these set timers or random? Is there a range?

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    Re: Neighborhood spawn, abandoned house CD

    Abandoned homes never return to the market. Just FYI.

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    Re: Neighborhood spawn, abandoned house CD

    Not abandoned as in ignored by their owner, as in the owner has actually clicked the abandon home button and the home has no owner, yet is not yet back on the market for sale.

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    Re: Neighborhood spawn, abandoned house CD

    Homes abandoned using the button in the House panel will return to the market. This is normally the only way a house can be put up for sale again. As for how long it takes, it seems to be pretty quick, on the order of hours maybe but not instantaneously. The same for the creation of a new neighborhood. However, there is a maximum number of neighborhoods that can exist on a server. I know a few servers had reached that limit a while back; however, they could have increased the max since then.



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