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    [EVENT] Ales, Tales & Riddles

    Ales, Tales & Riddles
    At Thorin's Halls Tavern

    [OOC]The event is each Thursday at 3pm servertime at Thorin's Halls tavern.[OOC]
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    Re: [EVENT] Ales, Tales & Riddles

    ((OOC: 3pm Servertime at Thorin's Hall Tavern))

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    Talking Re: [EVENT] Ales, Tales & Riddles

    Great to see the dwarf event is starting to pop up again welcome back

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    Re: [EVENT] Ales, Tales & Riddles

    thank you and you're welcome to join in

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    Re: [EVENT] Ales, Tales & Riddles

    ((OOC: Tomorrow at 3pm Servertime, the Ales, Tales & Riddles will start at Thorin's Hall Tavern. Come and enjoy music, ale, tales and tell some riddles, come and be merry dwarf, man, hobbit and elf alike!))

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    Re: [EVENT] Ales, Tales & Riddles

    Ales, Tales & Riddles

    Tomorrow ales, tales & riddles will be held in Thorin's Hall Tavern, attended by the Dwarrow Ting members but we invite all Free Folk to join us in our merrymaking.
    ((OOC: Thorin's Hall Tavern, 3pm servertime - 8pm GMT))

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    Re: [EVENT] Ales, Tales & Riddles

    Thank you all who came by the Thorin's Tavern for Ales, Tales & Riddles and to all I invite ye next week for more!

    A fine gathering and quality music

    Tough Riddles but easy ales!

    Master Norgi, Skald 'O Skalds

    Join us next Thursday for more and bring your merrymaking tooo

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    Re: [EVENT] Ales, Tales & Riddles

    Tonight! Ales, Tales & Riddles! Come join!
    Come by Thorin's Hall tavern tonight at the 3rd hour past midday to enjoy an ale or two and share in tales, music and riddles.
    ((OOC: Thorin's Hall Tavern, 3pm servertime - 8pm GMT))

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    Re: [EVENT] Ales, Tales & Riddles

    I want to thank everyone who attended tonight and those passerby's who joined in along the way, come next week and bring your tales and riddles.

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    Re: [EVENT] Ales, Tales & Riddles

    Hearken All!
    Hail all ye riddle enthusiasts and you with a tale to tell? Come by Thorin's Hall Inn and share in our merrymaking. Tomorrow at the 3rd hour past midday
    ((3pm servertime))

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    Re: [EVENT] Ales, Tales & Riddles

    Hear ye, hear ye!

    The Shades are to perform at the next ales and tales night!
    Do not miss this one off show and the chance to share an ale or
    three with the famous band members!!! 3pm /servertime this Thursday!!!
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    Re: [EVENT] Ales, Tales & Riddles

    Hearken all free folk! Hear ye, hear ye!
    Tonight at Thorin's Hall Inn, the famous and well known shall play; The Shades. So, come all for Ales & Tales and share in the music and do not shy away from a riddle or two.
    ((3pm servertime))

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    Thumbs up Re: [EVENT] Ales, Tales & Riddles

    Carrot season had long gone and so had Sum's eyesight. Looking around for his calender he suddenly found himself throwing around old papers, maps and mathoms-alike across the room.
    After much looking around (and bruises) he found the calender.. "ah yes, I am to be at Ales, Tales and Riddles at the 3rd hour.. I better get a move on!"

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    Re: [EVENT] Ales, Tales & Riddles

    I would like to thank the Shades for a great concert and thank everyone for attending. Also for the Riddles! Come next Thursday for another round of Ales and puzzling riddles; same place and same time.

    The Shades

    A good gathering of Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits and Men

    Come Next Thursday at the 3rd hour past midday

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    Re: [EVENT] Ales, Tales & Riddles

    Hail stout fellows!

    Will ye be hosting a party tonight? My inner dwarf dearly yearns for some roasted mutton, an array of dried meat and cheese.. and Ale. Lots.. and lots of Ale!

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    Re: [EVENT] Ales, Tales & Riddles

    Welcome and well met! Yet it is on Thursday that we will meet!

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    Re: [EVENT] Ales, Tales & Riddles

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    Aye, a grand time for music, laughter, riddles, tales and some dwarrow-dice !

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    Tonight at Thorin's Hall Inn

    Durin's Folk invites you to..
    Ales, Tales & Riddles

    Join us in our festivities of fine brewed ale, tales of yore, fancy riddles which no one knows and Dwarrow-Dice.
    Come and be merry!

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    Join us every thursday!

    ((OOC: 3pm Servertime at Thorin's Hall Tavern))

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    Walstow, Bree Homestead
    Greetings to ya all.

    I have been asked to host this evenings 'Ales and Tales' night, so please feel free to stop by at Bree Homesteads, the Walstow neighborhood and take a ride to Chestnut Road nr 5. Same time as always.

    I think I got a pint or two for ya :-)

    Best regards
    Grymrock Grey.
    Leader of 'Order of the Divine Brew' kinship at [EN-RP] Laurelin server.
    Bandleader of [URL="http://laurelinarchives.org/node/7504"]'The Chosen Few'[/URL] at the [En-RP] Laurelin server.

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    Back in the Tavern

    Ales Tales & Riddles is back in its old home in the tavern of Thorin's Hall. Open to all dwarrow and dwarf-friends. Music, ales, tall stories and fiendish riddles. Come and join us on Thursday at four past the noon. More information can be had from Barkgrim of Durin's Folk.

    ((OOC 8pm GMT, 4PM server time))
    [COLOR=#FF0000][FONT=Arial color=&quot]Mac Player[/FONT][/COLOR] since 2010



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