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    .........just need some time

    Lotro, hey its me. Needed to get a few things straight. Get some things out in the open here. I feel its best if im just Honest....ok. Theres someone else.......I know, I dont mean to be vicious, ugly or hurtful. I just need you to know how im feeling right now.

    They are not like you. You were, and will always be my first true love. We have been together for many, many years. Through good times and crashes. Through updates and patches. Through uptimes and downtimes and all the times in between. Ive been there for you. And I know you have tried to be there for me.

    I really didnt want this to happen, to slip away, to move apart. I know we were tight. But it has. It is happening right as I speak. The need for someone new, fresh and shiny has now overwhelmed me. At first when I looked into the others eyes I was ashamed, guilty if you will that I held my gaze to long. Oh my gosh what would Lotro think. It weighed heavy on my heart.

    Please understand its not you its me. I just need some time with someone else to determine if you are the one and only for me. I know it sounds wrong but this is the way my heart is leading me. I didnt want you to hear this from someone else.

    I know it is alot to ask. I just need some time.

    Sincerely, Me

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    Re: .........just need some time

    so...you found that boyfriend you been looking for? Congratz dude

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    Re: .........just need some time

    Lotro : "It's that SWTOR. You think Its better then me. Sure the routine is getting old but dont I DESERVE MORE. (CRYS) I dont want a break wertes... It is to much for me, I need you to choose! Me or IT! (TURNS AROUND DRAMATICALLY)
    Hunter-Calmante-R6, Warg-Morgdush-R6



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