The Last Alliance is seeking some more active members to join our ranks. We are a smaller kin, with a tight-knit, family style atmosphere. We have roughly 15 active members who play quite often and are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. On a given night we'll have anywhere between 3-10 players on so we love to actively run 3 mans, as well as 6 mans. Reason we're looking for a few more good souls is to try and get some kin only raids going, including skirm raids, Orthanc, and even some older ones. Currently we are running skirm raids quite often, but do have to pug for roughly half of it.

My brother and I started this kin a few years ago with the mindset of giving people the opportunity to be in a kin safe from drama and harassment. We do not require any sort of time commitment as we realize people are busy and schedules change, but we do set aside every Monday night (and some Tuesday nights now) to kin activity, and love to take out what this game has to offer. For the most part, we primarily do end game instances as most of our active people are lvl 75 with multiple alts. We do however have several people leveling up, and we will not hesitate to help any up and comers.

If this sounds like a kin you might be interested in, do not hesitate to message me in game or send me a tell if I'm on (Monlew or Meliar). Our doors are always open so don't hesitate to give us a try. Our only rule is you respect your fellow player!!

-Monlew / Meliar

P.S. Fear not, my brother and I are ringers for life, so this kin is not going anywhere when SWTOR comes out