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    TOnic bars crashing/hanging client

    SInce LOTRO have added their plugin manager with the last update I thought I ought to check out some of these plugins so I did a bit of research and downloaded Palantir and Tonicbars. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday playing around and getting to know them a bit on both my lvl32 minstrel on withywindle and my lvl 52 champion on Gilrain. All seemed good. Then last night I decided to really go for it and totally rearrange my champion skills onto fevour triggered quick bars and ended up putting in place most fo the easybars, plus a triggered bar for hedge and another one for fear nothing plus a couple of extension bars for travel and mounts etc.

    Game crashed. I reloaded again without any plugins and hten tried to reload tonic bars. Again the game hung. Just froze for ages and I started again. I thought it might be issues gameside adn just a coincidence that I was in the middle of fiddling around with plugins so I thought I would just test out my minstrel on hte other server. that one was fine. I loaded tonicbars on him and all was great. Main difference is my minstrel currently only has two quick bars set up with a few extension bars on each. IS it likely that haivng so many triggered quick bars set up on my champion is what has caused the problem?

    Second problem now is I can't actually load tonicbars on my champ so I can get in and reduce the number of bars to get it back to a functioning level.

    My computer is a new laptop with Intel core i3, M370@2.40GHz 4.0GB RAM. It's just my work computer so it doesn't have any super flashy graphics card.

    The bit of tonicbars I have seen working I like so if anyone can give me a suggestion or fix so that I don't have to get rid of it again that would be great

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    Re: TOnic bars crashing/hanging client

    Are you always loading it through the plugins manager or have you tried the old-fashioned way? Because I also experience problems with TonicBars if I use the manager so have disabled it again. My game didn't crash, but my extension bars appeared in weird places.

    Haven't had any issues since reverting to the good old /plugins load tonicbars
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    Re: TOnic bars crashing/hanging client

    Even tho it was the introduction of the plugin manager that prodded me to try plugins, I haven't actually got round to loading them via the new feature - was just loading using the old method of /plugins load tonicbars

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    Re: TOnic bars crashing/hanging client

    This is happening to me now. I'm not using the plugin manager, just the old /plugins load but every time it makes the client stop responding. I was trying to add a new extension bar and I was having the problem of not being able to move the bars around. They weren't locked and the manager was open, but when I clicked on the tabs and tried to shift them around, nothing would happen. Any ideas?



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