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    Question What have you named your pets?

    I know we Loremasters love our pets. Just for fun I wanted to know what you have named your pets.

    Here are my pet's names
    Black Raven-"Wing"
    Blood Raven-"Echo"

    Brown Bear-"Thud"
    Black Bear-"Filor"
    White Cub-"Frostpaw"

    Onyx Lynx- "Justice"

    Eagle: not used, not named, unloved...lol

    White sabre-"Kashi"



    Dog(Chance),Cat(Ninja),Turtle( Sheldon),Snake(Sly),Fox(Foxy) and Rabbit(Harry).
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    Re: What have you named your pets?

    Bog-lurker is Melloen. Which could possibly mean watery-friend :-)

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    Re: What have you named your pets?

    Raven - Quoth - due to Terry P I'm afraid, not the poem (though I have now read it).
    Bear - Honey - from the colour
    Lynx - Yuay - originally called Ua from Jasper FForde's Cheshire Cat being called the Unitary Authority of Warrington Cat
    Eagle - Sunbeam
    Sabertooth - started out as Toothie, which became Ruthie
    Bog-lurker - Triffid

    My favourite pet, the Turtle, is called Speedy
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    Re: What have you named your pets?

    Raven - Nightwing
    Bear - Ozymandias
    Lynx - Ghost
    Sabretooth - Snowflake
    Bog-Lurker - It
    Eagle - Thoronhir (= Eagle-Lord in Sindarin) (Currently my favourite pet with flank heals on tank running at over 1150 a go)

    (Book - Merenmoel = "The Joy of..." ahem - in Sindarin)

    (Soldier - Uruiel = "Hot Chick" in Sindarin)
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    Re: What have you named your pets?

    My pets names are -

    Raven - Shadowbane (becoz it used to fit the shadow mitigation it gave)

    Bear - Snowhide (I use the polar bear mostly)

    Lynx - Razorclaw

    Sabertooth - Icefang

    Eagle - Fawkes

    Havent used the Boggy and the Spirit Guardian much yet, so havent named them
    Arkenhelm - 86 Loremaster (R6) - Landroval
    Ivalden - 76 Captain (R2) - Landroval
    Drankorg - Warg (R5) - Landroval
    Naurvion - 26 Loremaster - Landroval

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    Re: What have you named your pets?

    Bear: MySlave

    Lynx: JoeTheSecond

    Raven: Rookie

    Eagle: Papajoe

    Lurker: Dude

    Light: Granny

    Sabre-Tooth: Cat
    Papajoe, r11 - Jolie, r7

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    Re: What have you named your pets?

    Raven: ImWithStupid
    Bear: Icecube (Tundra cub)
    Lynx: TheGame
    Eagle: Screenblocker
    Sabretooth: Spot
    Bog-guardian: Bogwort
    Limrafn: Sparky
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    Re: What have you named your pets?

    My LM's name is Juliaugusta, after Livia Julia Augusta, Augustus' wife (I was living in Rome and on a bit of a Roman history kick when I made her :P ). So, to have a theme, all my pets are named after Roman emperors. I have Augustus (bear), Constantine (Raven), Nero (sabretooth), Hadrian (light), Trajan (lynx), and I'm blanking on the others at the moment.
    Ignore the user name... I'm a girl! ~~~ Also Lohla - Warden

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    Re: What have you named your pets?

    Each of my pets share the same name-- Id-- since they are an extension of me, and reflect what I want done.
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    Re: What have you named your pets?

    Lol I use the same name for all my pets: Iya. The name means "hate" in Japanese, so it's a contrast to my name, Ai, which stands for "love" in Japanese. So more or less it's little inside thing for myself having love and hate walk around. Though when I run out to the Moors, I change the name to Freemealhere, and sometimes the creeps go for my pet instead of me lol. Guess the name really works =P
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    AW: What have you named your pets?

    Raven: Arsirion
    Bear: Eternion
    Asheneagle: Lhum
    Boglurker: Galadhremmen
    Limrafn: "Funzel" meaning dim light.

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    Re: What have you named your pets?

    Raven: Itchy

    Sabretooth: Scratchy

    Bear: Teddy

    Lynx: [don't recall]

    Eagle: Remps

    Boglurker: Hairball

    Limrafin: Idea

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    Re: What have you named your pets?

    Raven: Du(No reason)
    Bear: Thandeth(some dodgy Elvish translation)
    Lynx: Calien(No reason)
    Sabertooth: Eglassiel(No reason)
    Eagle: Marchnuil(No reason)
    Bog Lurker: Snowdon(Tallest mountain in Wales. Odd choice, maybe)
    Limrafn: No name as of yet, may change when I start using it more.

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    Re: What have you named your pets?

    I name my pets to tribute various books and authors. For example, I have Gen the bear and Chrestomanci the lynx. It's triggered a few interesting conversations thus far.

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    Re: What have you named your pets?

    The names of my pets tend to be quite random and for a couple i just went for unnormal "normal" names!

    Raven: Toasty
    Frost-Raven: Emite (a name of another of my characters actually)

    Bear: Preserv (To preserve my health hopefully, or a preservative)
    Black Bear: Marshmallow (burnt, that'd be...)
    Polar Bear: Phil

    Lynx: Qwyl
    Tundra Lynx: Oswald

    Eagle: (Haven't used him much yet so i don't remember)

    The others have yet to come....
    "Why so serious?"


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    Re: What have you named your pets?

    Frog - Pickles

    Limrafn - prior to the update I named him Flashlight. =P But with the pretty okay changes they made to the pet, I decided to rename him a more proper sounding Woodsage.
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    Re: What have you named your pets?

    Bear: Balar (sindarin for strength or strong)

    Raven: Maicheneb (sindarin for something, i can't remember anymore. probably something anti-shadow)

    Lynx: Linus

    Sabrecat: Maeghring (sindarin for something with frost and claws)

    Bog Lurker: GrassyKnoll

    Eagle: InTheFrickenWay (a tribute to a friend that quit the game a while back)

    haven't named the light yet.
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    Re: What have you named your pets?

    My newb LM alt has only 2 pets available so far

    Raven - Nevermore(not very original, but fits it kinda nice I think)
    Bear - Tibbers(named after a bear of a champion from League of Legends)

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    Re: What have you named your pets?

    Raven: Poe
    White Raven: Diamonds (Named after the Old Spice commercials. THIS RAVEN IS NOW DIAMONDS.)

    Tundra Cub: Fluffmodeus (named after the blue bear in Questionable Content)

    Onyx Lynx: Umbreon (the Pokemon)

    Snow-crest Eagle: Sapphire

    Limrafn: Useless
    Steam: Sneakeh Snake[/CENTER]

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    Re: What have you named your pets?

    My LM is Daerion. And my bear is Baerion.

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    Re: What have you named your pets?

    So far I have named;

    Blood Raven - Corvinus (after The father of the Vampire/Werewolf Races in Underworld)since ravens are members of the Corvid family.

    Black Bear - Ursula because she is a bear which is a member of the Ursine family and she is cute!

    Lynx - Kitten becuase I like the playful way he sneaks up and pounces on things.

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    Re: What have you named your pets?

    Baby LM (level 20)

    Bear - Iweararug

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    Re: What have you named your pets?

    Eagles: Thorandir, Dawnwing (ember eagle)
    Bear: Gryls
    Ravens: Simone, Snocrow (white raven)
    Lurker: Twiggy
    Limrafn: Donzerly (light)
    Lynx: Slynx
    Dog: Littlehead (the head is so freakin small!)
    Cat: Sasha
    Turtle: Sheldon
    Sabre: Equinsuocha (white devil)

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    Re: What have you named your pets?

    Raven & Bear are named after my sons, when I first got the Raven, I asked my son what I should name it, and he wanted me to name it after him, then when I got the Bear I named it after my 2nd son.

    Lynx - Silk, after my wife's cat.
    Lurker - Stinky, if you lived in a bog, you'd be stinky too.
    Turtle - Leonardo....
    Snake - HissingSidIsInnocent, (one for our older UK players).

    The rest I don't recall.

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    Re: What have you named your pets?

    Some are lame I know...

    Regular Lynx: Peekaboo
    Ebony Lynx: Sooty
    Snow Lynx: Snowflake

    Bog-lurker: Mugwump

    Regular bear: Griz (Jeremiah Johnson's Will Geer's character: I hunt Griz!)
    Polar bear: Sealbane (as in clubbin' baby seals with a lead-filled snowshoe..I said..leaaad...fillleeed...Pee k-a-boo?)
    Polar cub (my go-to pet): Cublet

    Yeah back in 2007 I did name my raven Nevermore, then Poe (I was oh so clever then), now

    Raven: Blackmore (Ritchie?)
    Blood Raven: Redrum (Here's Johnny!)

    Haven't had my eagles out in so long I forgot their names!

    I think one is 'Baldy'...
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