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    Your beautiful home

    I'd like to drop by and visit some of the beautiful homes on Middle Earth. In fact,I'd like to be a home critic,and review all your lovely homes.

    I'll start with The Shire.

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    Sep 2007
    The Shire

    Re: Your beautiful home

    If you are on Silverlode, feel free to stop by my house. See my signature for the location.
    Silverlode refugee

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    Re: Your beautiful home

    Visitors are always welcome at my Hobbit Hole.

    3 Harrow Rd.
    Pipedelf, Shire Homesteads

    ~Lotro Stylist~
    Devonna & Kedwyr of Landroval

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    Re: Your beautiful home

    I leave all my doors open to strangers.

    Home of Avathrabeth: 4 Haven Way, Eryn Lelryn Falathorn Homesteads, Silverlode.
    Home of Hildewyn: 4 Roaring Road, Skeggroff, Silverlode.

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    Maryland, United States of America

    Re: Your beautiful home

    I have two homes:

    One I use for mainly storage, that being my personal home. It is on the Imladris Server, Falathlorn Homesteads, Maidlanc, 9 Haven Way-Home to Kaelalas

    And the one I moved into, my kinship house (I am the leader and founder of the kinship, so I had to buy it. decided to move in at the second floor. I put my favorite decorations there for the kin to use)
    Imladris Server, Falathlorn Homesteads, Maidlanc, 5 Waterbank Road-Home to The Northern Kingdom.

    Feel free to add me as a friend, my in-game name is Kaelalas, and tell me what you think in-game. Or you can tell me here! :3

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    British Columbia, Canada

    Re: Your beautiful home

    5 Brookbank Street, Elmnook Homesteads, The Shire is always open for visitors. It's also decked out for Yulefest.

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    Re: Your beautiful home

    If you make your way to Eldar my kin house is always open to visitors, just had a clean up after taking down the christmas decorations. It is my home away from home when not in the Ettens.

    4 Brookbank Street, Slighting, Shire.
    Bloodspill of Eldar, rank 15 Stalker and leader of the Angbands Shadow tribe.

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    Re: Your beautiful home

    my home is on the crickhollow server: 6 chestnut road, branway neighborhood, breeland

    I redecorate the yard every so often, but most of my interior furnishings stay the same... well, except for a couple changes here and there, as I get more decorations... I also take great pride in the fact that everything in the home is 100% gained on my own (no AH buys), or at the least, crafted by one of my alts...
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    6 Chestnut Street, Branway, Breeland, Crickhollow



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