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    Looking to Run a Draigoch PUG

    I want the cape scales. But, for one reason or another, my kin has not completed Draigoch after the first two times. So... I am personally planning another PUG.

    I'll be following Jacbo's preconditions:

    - be level 75 (of course, the raid doesn't open to level 74 or below)
    - already completed the Draigoch discovery quest
    - have 4/6 Draigoch Raid armor or equivalent (PvP set counts, same as the new stuff)
    - Casters should have more than 5k morale, any less will be openly turned away
    - bring as many morale and power pots as you can

    I plan on running this on Friday evening or Saturday afternoon PST (that's -8GMT). Send me (or my alt) a tell or in-game mail and we'll go from there.

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    Re: Looking to Run a Draigoch PUG

    Excluding a kin run at the same time, I am totally down to help get you that cloak.
    Borken - Dwarrowdelf
    Alphbork - Firefoot
    Pineapplejuice - E

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    Re: Looking to Run a Draigoch PUG

    If not running with the kin, I'm down for it. You can find me on Capitao, or most probably on Pesto.
    VILYA: Capitao-1 r12 Captain | Dwalfin r6 Minstrel | Wuulff r8 Warg | Kruusher r11 Reaver | Creepitao r7 WL

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    Re: Looking to Run a Draigoch PUG

    What bork said.

    Whatever toon i dont lock on Fridays kin run i will gladly use to help you toa
    Canadianbacon r6 Burg
    Omnom R7 Warg

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    Re: Looking to Run a Draigoch PUG

    If I'm not locked, I'll tank it for you.
    [url=http://my.lotro.com/home/character/dwarrowdelf/thurulthal]Thurulthal[/url] - R6 Champion

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    Re: Looking to Run a Draigoch PUG

    If Friday evening and you need a cappy, would be glad to help...

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    Re: Looking to Run a Draigoch PUG

    After 2 back to back bugged out we got 2 completed runs so far, keep it up Toa's awesome pug peeps.
    The great Brandini... or Brandic... the one from Dwarrowdelf



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