Hi there and welcome to Taste o The Actors’ Guild Steel recruitment thread. Basically, we are a midsized casual rank 10 kin that is quickly blossoming on Vilya. We originated from one of Landroval’s largest kins, Nesh Me Hanan. Our goal first and foremost is to continue maintain a friendly and comfortable environment with which our kinsmen can relax and enjoy. We like to group together, chat, craft among other things and keeping this atmosphere is our greatest priority. As part of Taste’s philosophy is to ensure our kinsmen enjoy not only their time with us but also the game, we have but one rule that must be followed: respect others. While we will offer events, lotteries, skirmishes, raids, parties and whatnot, we will not require you do participate in any event nor make you play the game any particular game. What we do require is that while you are with us you respect not only your kinsmen, but also anyone who happens to be playing the game. In Taste, though we do not require anything but respect like we just mentioned, most of our kinsmen are friendly, helpful in ways such as assisting with fellowships, crafting free of charge for kinsmen and answering all sorts of questions about the game.
We also have experienced officers who have excelled in a larger kin format long before Taste came around. We are here to make sure you enjoy the game as much as possible and we look at it as our job to make sure that everyone gets along, quests and crafting needs be met and all have a good time!

We have no restrictions on recruiting as long as you are ok with our respect rule. If you would like to know more about us or wish to sign up at our website to be eligible for our promotions, you can visit neshmehanan.guildlaunch.com.