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    RP on Silverlode?

    So is there any RP on this server? I'm pretty active on this server and would like to get involved in it, any RPers please respond Thanks.

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    Re: RP on Silverlode?

    I tried to put together a recurring event, but real life intervened in the form of an unfortunately timed power outage one week followed the next week by an illness so it never got entirely off the ground.

    And having taken over party planning for my kin, I'm not eager to add any other responsibilities to my in-game life. That said, if someone else wants to put something together I'm down to help in any way I can and to show up. I very much enjoy RP and can provide you with the information I gleaned from our one week of Food & Cheer.

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    Re: RP on Silverlode?

    I RP, and have an RP kinship (Seekers of Lost Kin), though membership waxes and wanes.

    - Ioan of Gondor

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    Re: RP on Silverlode?

    Eager as I am to roleplay on Silverlode, I'm not entirely sure where to start. So if you'd care to send me what you've learned, SailorVee, I'd be grateful. The Exiles of Valinor, my kin, has a small group of interested role-players that I'm sure would find it useful.

    Otherwise, if you'd just like to relax and interact in-character (no songs or stories required), I spend a fair bit of time in Bree when not grinding quests. Usually on in the evenings, Eastern US time.
    The correct crafting levels are Tailor 6-4, Forester 6-5, Prospector 6-5. Fun times! :D



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