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    Need Superior Crafting House in Housing Area

    Housing areas are dead, period. No point in owning a house except for extra storage. This game needs something to bring people to their neighborhoods and develop a community in the housing districts. Why not add superior crafting stations to the community building? Maybe even some small superior farm land? How about some housing area events like holday/seasonal parties/fairs to coincide with the regular game events? These are just some basic suggestions. Quite frankly I'm not sure if I'm going to continue to rent my house. Since I've expanded my characters storage I don't really see why I should keep the house when there's nothing to do in town. In all my time owning a house I think I've run into another person in the area maybe 3 times, lol, and I've owned the houses in one area or another for years now.
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    Re: Need Superior Crafting House in Housing Area

    This is a great idea. I know it's been nixed before, but something needs to be done to make housing more useful. A reason for actually hanging around your neighborhood might mean you'd actually form a community there...unless you're like me and live in an older neighborhood where all the houses are abandoned and closed. But that's another problem altogether. *sigh*

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    Re: Need Superior Crafting House in Housing Area

    This was something I liked in EQ. You could buy crafting stations to put in your home along with pets and junk. Make a farm plot that can be placed in the large yard slot or station inside for the large wall slot.


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    Re: Need Superior Crafting House in Housing Area

    that would be great idea. the way the superior systems is now,it is a pain in the ###.it makes crafting not worth it,spend to much time go to and from the places with superior crafting.

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    Re: Need Superior Crafting House in Housing Area

    Crafting station slots in houses should be something for devs to consider. 1 for regular, 2 for deluxe and 3 for kinship. Regular stations sold by housing vendor, superior stations are sold by specific faction rep vendors. Add the stations to the housing permission panel so you can allow specific others (or just everyone) to use them.

    There are so many ways they could bring housing back to life. Adding crafting into it is one way. It's such a shame they see it as low priority.
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    Re: Need Superior Crafting House in Housing Area

    I love the idea; it would definitely make the neighborhood a more active place. Even if the crafting wasn't in-home but had a shop or shops in the vendor area would be great. But there are crafts that dfefinitely should be able to be done in the house-- tinkering, forestering, farming and woodworking as examples. Perhaps regular crafting capabilities in-home, and superior in shops in the neighborhood. The only downside would be less active "hubs" in the cities.
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