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    legendary weapon question (1H weapon)

    I am very interested in know if a particular sword model is a aliable at end game level. The model I have now is call reforged steel sword. It is as I stated a 1H sword. I love the model of sword and since you can not put weapons in the outfitter I was hoping there is an end game model of the sword? I know there is a few swords through the game that share the same model but end game is important to me. I like to enjoy the appearance of my gear lol.

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    Re: legendary weapon question (1H weapon)

    you may see the model here if it helps


    it is the last sword on the page...

    any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: legendary weapon question (1H weapon)

    Hmm... No, I don't recall seeing anything similar as a LI. Most LI swords are very simple, with no fancy blades or pommels. Some lower level LIs have gem-encrusted pommels, but the higher levels are quite plain. But it doesn't matter anyway: all LI swords look like lightsabers once equipped, because of the garishly coloured LI glow. This makes it basically impossible to see anything of the weapon's actual design: you'll just see swirling colours.

    ...Which is another good occasion to plead with Turbine, again, for a way to turn off the glow. It could be tied to the player combat animation FX toggle, or anything else. Those of us who appreciate the weapon art would like to actually be able to see it.
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