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    Council of Eriador - Welcoming New Members!

    The Council of Eriador is always ready to welcome new members! We are a long-lived kin with members of all levels, classes, skills, and ages. We're family-friendly (meaning we of course understand real life schedules, but we also have all ages involved or observing, so we require clean language/content in kinchat, our Vent, and our website), and have casual as well as dedicated (addicted) players. We love to craft, run instances, including old stuff to help newer kin get through it or just for the sheer fun of revisiting old content. We have a weekly raiding group that may best be described as "softcore" - we like to work our way through content before moving on to the next raid. Social events are a staple - trivia nights, fashion shows, talent nights, epic book runs, housing tours, deed nights (including meta-deed and completionist nights for our obsessive-compulsive players), thunder rides, crafting fairs, and just plain old getting on Vent to chat from time to time are just a few examples. And don't forget the chicken runs! We have some players who like to Creep/Freep and a tribe of our own on the "other side" - at the moment there isn't a lot of activity in our end of the Ettens aside from one or two individuals (our very own Maliki), but we are definitely open to players who want to change that. We have an active kin website that is our "home away from game" and encourage members to post a lot and create their own events if there is anything specific they would like to do.

    We are NOT "l33t", "phat-lewt", or end-game raid fanatics. We are not power-levelers. We believe the journey is just as important - maybe more so! - than the destination. It is not so much about getting to the "end", but about getting there together.

    We place a high value on the friendship and camaraderie of playing in this world together.

    The Council of Eriador is a great choice for players who are new to the game, or not as familiar or experienced with some aspects as they'd like to be, as we have many knowledgeable long-time players. It's also a great choice for experienced players who are interested in advanced instances and raids but may not wish to be part of a hard-core group.

    Please check us out at www.council-of-eriador.com!

    Look for these folks online if you have questions:

    Core Leadership:
    Linwe - Enelya - Marylin - Celebrianna - Denalynne (and many others!)


    Other Kin Helpers:
    Kinhouse Decorator/Housekeeper: Noodly
    Lowbie Event Coordinator: Arpego
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    Re: Council of Eriador - Welcoming New Members!

    we also have pie

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    Re: Council of Eriador - Welcoming New Members!

    We do have pie! And cake! And we are all extremely fashionable!

    What's coming up for CoE members in the near future:

    - Live Life with a Little Zeal - Dec. 3 - Kin Coordinator Rogich will lead us out to grind that new darling virtue, Zeal!

    - OCD Club - Dec. 8 - Helegrod Drake Wing (this is for the obsessive-compulsive completionist in each of us, for those going for the Dunedain War Steed meta-deed)

    - RoI Deed Grinding - Dec. 10 - Many nice runes to be had from completing the many deeds in RoI

    - OCD Club - Dec. 15 - Helegrod Dragon Wing

    - Potential future events: Forgotten Treasury deeds, Unbound Armour Cosmetics Swap, Soloing Filigul Contest
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    Re: Council of Eriador - Welcoming New Members!

    To follow up on McFarlane's post above, we had a very successful Zeal grinding night Saturday. Six of us went out to create havoc among the Misty Mountain giants and Evendim Kergrim and a few of us were able to increase our ranks of Zeal to 12.

    I'm looking forward to our night in Helegrod on Thursday to wrap up some quests and deeds -- all in the name of acquiring a nice new mount!

    I just want to emphasize that, although we have a busy max-level presence in the kin, we also have many kin members with lower level alts, so no one is forgotten. Our kin website, www.council-of-eriador.com, is also a busy place, with tools for signing up and planning different events and a busy forum to discuss topics of all varieties.

    If anyone interested in the Council of Eriador would like to know more about the sorts of events we run, please feel free to send me a PM here on the forums or find me in game on my champ, Rogich.


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    Re: Council of Eriador - Welcoming New Members!

    Well it seems that at some point Falbannch, Faireach and Cuannacht were removed from the guild. Can I get a re-invite please?

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    Re: Council of Eriador - Welcoming New Members!

    Hey Falbannach, of course! You must not have logged in for a while and got caught in one of the purges lol. Next time you are logged in, look for any of the following who can reinvite you: Maliki, Smilingbandit, any of Lin's alts of course lol, Elwaere, Rhaknor, Rhaknarok, Chipp, Kelaney. Or you can look for my alts listed below and I'll tell you who is on what alt lol.
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    Re: Council of Eriador - Welcoming New Members!

    Great to see you playing again! Welcome back to the kin indeed!

    [I][COLOR="DarkOrange"]"We are all in it together."[/COLOR][/I]
    Council of Eriador - Burglar - Brandywine

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    Re: Council of Eriador - Welcoming New Members!

    An awesome night doing Baby Great Barrows to welcome new kin member Cierzo! He claims he's played healers before, but looked like he knew exactly what he was doing on his Guardian lol. I'm still not sure what I'm doing on my RK, but this button that says "Epic Conclusion" does interesting things to a mob. Linwe brought a baby Mini to keep us all healed, Cobra was on his baby LM with interesting pet names, and Elwaere was on a level 18 half-naked LM mule. I guess being a professional 75 LM helps make up a bit for missing shineys and neglected armour lol. The winner of the night, though, seemed to be Penhalidor on his little Burg. He not only seemed to totally enjoy it, but really played him well. Thanks all!

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    Re: Council of Eriador - Welcoming New Members!

    This kinship sound good to me. Is there room for a hobbit to join?

    My main character is Benitoite,she is a hobbit burglar. She is at level 5,and parked at MD,The Shire.

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    Re: Council of Eriador - Welcoming New Members!


    We have a few Hobbits around. We have an application process - we know we're not the right fit for every player, and not every player is the right fit for us - so please visit our website and check out the application page! http://www.council-of-eriador.com/

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    Re: Council of Eriador - Welcoming New Members!

    Put in an application myself Hope to hear from ya'll soon.

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    Re: Council of Eriador - Welcoming New Members!

    Yay, welcome Sherassin! It's great to have you join us!

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    Re: Council of Eriador - Welcoming New Members!

    Quote Originally Posted by McFarlane View Post

    We have a few Hobbits around. We have an application process - we know we're not the right fit for every player, and not every player is the right fit for us - so please visit our website and check out the application page! http://www.council-of-eriador.com/
    I registered an account on your site,but I'm not sure if the admins have activated it yet/ Does that count?

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    Re: Council of Eriador - Welcoming New Members!

    Hmm, I think I see what happened. We have an actual application on our website, so that would need to be filled out first and reviewed by leadership. Then people who are admitted to and join the kin must register for a Forums account to be able to access the Forums.

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    Re: Council of Eriador - Welcoming New Members!

    The CoE palantir shows a few more events coming up soon! Saturday night Coordinator Rogich will be leading us in and out of the Forgotten Treasury - I know, remember that place?! - for some quest and deed grinding - bring out your inner completionist! Then next week after Yule fest kicks in, we'll descend on Frostbluff Thursday night to do all sorts of good and bad things to the locals, pelt each other with snowballs for titles, and applaud (or boo) our acting skills. After the first of the year we'll be holding a Yule outfit contest, our own little version of the very awesome one currently being sponsored by Cosmetic Lotro/Lotro Stylist/Lotro Fashion!

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    Re: Council of Eriador - Welcoming New Members!

    I am ready to join your kinship,but it seems that I'm unable to apply because my account is deleted.

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    Re: Council of Eriador - Welcoming New Members!

    Hello again, well, as previously stated, you don't get Forums account access until you fill out an application to apply to our kin, and to date I don't think we have received an application from you, so there was never any "account" to delete. But I wonder if you are getting us mixed up with Arlequins, as I saw they mentioned giving you their Forums access and just needing to contact one of their officers in game? At any rate, good luck in your search!

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    Re: Council of Eriador - Welcoming New Members!

    Last night Council of Eriador completed The Foundry T2! Our team was made up of Cbrajet on Guardian, Noodly the Mini, Chromite on Hunter, Rogich the Champ, Elwaere on LM, and yours truly on Captain. Unlike our less than stellar first try on T1 a couple days ago, when we were all totally unfamiliar with the instance, this time went much smoother. It's a bit of a dance that needs to be done on the last boss(es), and I think we have the steps down now. Very fun time!

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    Re: Council of Eriador - Welcoming New Members!

    So happy to be a part of the Kin!! Still getting to know ppl and playing when I am actually home...since I work non stop till the new year with only a day or 2 off here and there it should be fun

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    Re: Council of Eriador - Welcoming New Members!

    Awesome night in the kin last night! About 18 kin descended on Frostbluff to clear out some snowball and consumable deeds. It was a great chance for kin of all levels, including some new, to interact in one place and hang out in Vent. A big thanks to Coordinator Rogich for putting this together!

    Afterward in the wee hours Elwaere, Rogich, Cbrajet, Twarin, and yours truly introduced new kin member Blackwolffe to T2 Foundry. I DO like that instance!

    I hear kin member Chromite participated in last night's Brandywine taking down the Turtle in 52.5 seconds! I believe he has a video up elsewhere on this forum. So no, Brandywine is NOT dead lol. SW:TOR? Meh!

    Many of us will continue to take advantage of the Yule festival while we can. I have applied for my membership card to the Completionist Club. This is after playing for almost 3 years, leveling 4 toons, switching mains last year - I have a LOT of catching up to do lol. And the Yule fest is probably the worst time to start this - I'm now doing daily Inn/Ale reputation grinding grinding grinding, have to grind for...what did El figure, about 1.2 million Yule tokens?...to get all of the consumables for those deeds. And of course I want the dang horse, maps, and new cosmetics! At least I finished several things at last year's Yule fest - except that once-dreaded Feast Beast deed. I'm now at 10/15, and I have a method DOWN, baby. So Leeowyn will always be looking for company to do her ale deliveries lol.

    There's ALWAYS something to do! http://www.council-of-eriador.com/

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    Re: Council of Eriador - Welcoming New Members!

    Santa was good to the Council of Eriador tonight! He drove a Sith Fury-Class ship from another galaxy into Middle Earth, and dropped off Uncle Amonceleb on a rooftop in Frostbluff for some good chats and some rum-and-Dr. Peppers. We've missed you Amon, so was awesome to see you drop in for a while. Some of us also went to enjoy the hospitality of Fellowship of the Rogues at their kinhouse - they were giving out prezints! An awesome Christmas Eve in Middle Earth.

    Happy Holidays everyone from Council of Eriador.

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    Re: Council of Eriador - Welcoming New Members!

    First of all, a welcome to several new kin who have joined us recently, it is awesome to have you all part of CoE!

    Also some congratulations are in order to a few of our kin members - last night we had THREE finish the Savior of Khazad-Dum meta deed and obtain their pretty Nimble Black Goats! Congrats to Rogich, Noodly, and Chromite!

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    Re: Council of Eriador - Welcoming New Members!

    Very, very interesting night for CoE. We decided to run the Battle for Aughaire and other level 50 Angmar instances, since many of us had never done so before. With Maliki, Smiling Bandit, Cbrajet, Rogich, Arpego, and myself they were not exactly a challenge lol, but I can see how they may have been tough back in the day.

    We first ran the Battle for Aughaire, then the Battle Before the Rammas Deluon. I went to start the third, the Battle for Rhunendin, only to be told by the NPC that not enough Rammas Deluon had been run on the server to open it! Seriously?!?! I did some research, and 20 Rammas Deluon must be run to permanently open Rhunendin. Currently Brandywine needs 9 more, so Council of Eriador will be running this once or twice a week for the next few weeks in order to get that content open.

    LOTRO Wiki said the counters could reset occasionally, but once 20 was hit once, the next instance opens permanently. I'm a bit puzzled and slightly in disbelief that a server like Brandywine never got the third one open, and maybe I'm missing something here or a reset happened. Anyway, never fear Rhunendin, Council of Eriador will liberate you soon as we can lol.

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    Re: Council of Eriador - Welcoming New Members!

    The Battle for Aughaire and Battle before the Rammas Deluon were lots of fun. I missed this content when I was level 50, but I look forward to opening up the third instance to see what it's all about.

    Just a quick note to mention that I'm currently polling interest in running Moria instances for medallions to help get our level 57-ish kinnies their Moria gear. I think we should also think about running the defense of Caras Galadhon instance in Lothlorien. It's another fun instance that many people miss out on (and it comes with some neat titles to boot!).


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    Re: Council of Eriador - Welcoming New Members!

    Great fun this week playing with a number of new kin! We had enough to run two separate Battle Before the Rammas Deluon instances, and were able to involve several new folks who had never done it before (as of the other day we need 5 more on our server to open up Rhunendin lol, come on Brandywine!). Afterward no one wanted to leave Eastern Angmar, so we decided to go slaughter Bogbereth and get trophies for several of us. Still having so much fun, someone had the idea to drag some new kinnies into the Watcher - sushi for all! After that a few of us went to the aid of a kin member trying to work his way through Agamaur. Earlier in the week we also introduced a couple folks to the Moria instances to help them start gearing up properly. And raid night has returned at last! Watch out Lieutenant of Dol Guldur, is all I have to say. Busy week for CoE!


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