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    let's assume I'm Thee Noob

    I have music trouble and don't understand why when I read tutorials and other questions..

    Ok in my The Lord of The Rings folder I have 3 folders: music, PluginData, and Plugins. In music I downloaded my songs. In Plugins I downloaded songbook. I extracted both and ran songbook and built my song library successfully there!

    When I go to the game and type in /plugins load songbook or /plugins list or /plugins refresh it says I have none. What did I do wrong please? Thank you.

    I got my songbook from here
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    Re: let's assume I'm Thee Noob

    Verify that you have the music and 2 Plugins folders created in The Lord of the Rings Online folder under "My Documents" and not where the game itself is installed.

    If that's not the issue, that taps me since it should work. Luck to you.

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    Re: let's assume I'm Thee Noob

    I'm not sure I am understanding the problem. Are you saying that the game is telling you that you don't have the plugin or is the problem that Songbook is telling you that you have no songs?



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