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Thread: Stop ganking me

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    Exclamation Stop ganking me

    I understand some guys cant seem to resist themselves when they see a warleader fighting a few npcs you cant control your fingers as they unmercifully attack and kill me, i dont gank freeps fighting npcs, most times i dont see freeps fighting npcs, monday morning im puling slugs into ongburz for mash and quest i see one of them idie and next second im being hit by the slugs and dogs shooting me in the back(### is what i say why) dogs is not a good 1 on 1 or not good vs a higher ranking warleader cause i beat him bad 1 on 1 but before he died he was at 100 when ppl in my group made it to the scen the defieler ended it for him. But really do we really need to gank each other oh look irials in ec lets all 12 of of passing creeps run in and gank her, and we wonder why she comes back and shows no mercy t ous we gank them tehy gank us back we get mad tehy get mad its a viscious circle that we need to stop running

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    Re: Stop ganking me

    My head hurts. Any clue why?

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    Re: Stop ganking me

    You do realize that by posting this, you're even more a target for ganking now? Just sayin'.

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    When you enter PvP, you're expected to do so, questing or not. People don't care if you don't do it to them. I never attack R1-3 Creeps. Unless they charge me first. But you have to realize not everyone will do the same for you even if you do it for them. You can't go on PvP and complain that you're being ganked while questing, it's just part of the mode if you make a creep.

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    Re: Stop ganking me

    Quote Originally Posted by Killbashdie View Post
    My head hurts. Any clue why?
    lol.. nope, I do not have a clue. lol

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    Re: Stop ganking me

    hehe mabye you should take some asprin that always clears it up, but i was just saying we dont need to zerg each other everytime we see each other



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