Seeds and Stems, a Rank 10 kinship and one of the oldest on the Crickhollow server, is looking for players. New and established players looking for a kinship that is active and can provide assistance and resources for every level, we're the group for you.
We have players and officers available 24/7. We have Westfold Master Craftsmen in every vocation. We have experienced players that can provide assistance and leadership in raids. We are laid back, but we are definitely a family here. We pride ourselves on loyalty and honesty and look for the same in our new members. If you think you might be interested, give us a shout in game or visit out webpage,, and take a look around and see if we're the group for you. Either way, hope your adventures in Middle-Earth are exciting and rewarding. Be sure to say hi if you see me in-game!

Warm Regards,