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    ALmost awesome sauce (well... maybe not) player looking for kin

    Hey there, I'm a nice fella who has a couple toons and is looking for a kinship. I have a lvl 40 champ and a lvl 38 RK, along with a couple lower level toons.

    I have played till lvl 52 in a different server, so I have a BIT of experience with legendaries etc etc.

    While I am aware that my level is very low at the moment, keep in mind that I'm leveling 2-3 levels a day... later on, probably only 1 a day, but still, in a month I should be hitting lvl 70 or so.

    What I am looking for is a nice kinship that raids every day if possible. At start, I wouldn't be raiding ofc, due to level, but I'd still be participating in chat and maybe even hearing you guys run in Ventrilo/Teamspeak 3 if available... That would pretty much give me the experience necessary to get in to raiding

    In general, I'm some1 who LOVES lotro, loves to group but is sick of not finding any1, or of only finding people who don't know what a class trait is... I'd like to get into some serious content with serious players. Oh and, ofc, I am ViP.

    With all that in mind, I hope some1 could recruit me with an HONEST reply, because very often I am told that a kin does runs and that runs I form are filled but in truth it's all a lie and nothing gets done. Pretty sure I'll get some honest replies though

    Embrace thou fates, for middleearth shall not fall as long as they persist ^^

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    Re: ALmost awesome sauce (well... maybe not) player looking for kin

    I see such requests often: non-level cap players wishing to join a raiding kin. It is understandable that people would like to find a group. It is also unlikely that a raiding kin would recruit non-75 characters. Unless, perhaps, the player has 5 raiding toons on another server. Perhaps.

    The reasons? A raiding kin prefers to work with a stable group of people. Speaking for my group, when we recruit someone, we hope s/he will actively run with us for the foreseeable future. Loss of bodies upsets many plans, including what alts to bring, what parts of the raid we can or cannot run due to class combination, etc. When we recruit someone new to raiding, additional risks surface. Not everyone is suited to raiding. It does not mean s/he is a bad player, is slow, is stupid. More likely, we are dealing with a lack of particular reflexes, mindset, or (this happens more often than many think) connection problems. We have no way of testing the above until the recruit has (a) acquired suitable gear (there is no way of knowing whether you can heal, let's say, if you have just 1k will) and (b) participated in nontrivial content. This stuff takes time, especially as there is no nontrivial content until update 5. I think it's just too much for both parties (the kin and you) to wait for a month, only to discover they aren't a good place for you.

    So for now, I'd recommend monitoring the chat channels, getting to know the main raiding groups, and start grouping as soon as the Moria instances. They are pugged a fair amount even now, and often there will be very over-levelled people joining, so they should be easy. As dps, rk and champ do essentially the same things in groups as they do solo. Champ tanking is very much an end-game only thing. Healing you learn only from groups, of course. And then, once you reach 75 and have achieved a decent (if not exactly raid-ready) build, start looking for a raiding group. You will have more leverage then. The groups that claim to raid more often than they do in order to attract players are not worth joining anyway. And the ones that are worth joining will be more likely to give favorable responses.

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    Re: ALmost awesome sauce (well... maybe not) player looking for kin

    Hum... thanks for the reply, its actually good advice... but it still doesnt solve the problem that I can't find any groups.

    For example, how often do you see a pug annuminas run forming? or forochel? school and library you see every now and then, but carn dum?

    And also, one last issue is: the gear best suited for raids is found in raids. so... thats contradictory. if one's going to recruit based on the gear the person is wearing, then he might as well not recruit at all, cause you have to start SOMEwhere.

    I'm just pointing out the issues I'm facing :S If imladris were one of the fullest servers, that wouldn't be a problem, but it is not. + I don't really see alot of high levels. I get the feeling the server has a low level community... thats just the feeling though. That's why I was hoping for something better, but oh well. . . I understand the kinships point of view too

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    Re: ALmost awesome sauce (well... maybe not) player looking for kin

    The new Instance Finder feature coming with Update 5 should help with groups. I've been reading about it a little. You won't be able to pick specific instances yet, but it'll help people like us get groups faster.

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    Re: ALmost awesome sauce (well... maybe not) player looking for kin

    Raid ready gear =/= raid gear. 4/6 Draigoch + crafted/rep jewelry is very respectable. I was more referring to situations in which applicants are so undergeared that there's no way to tell whether their performance was attributable to gear or player skill.

    Carn dum, I gather, is mostly soloed by 75s these days to get class items. Deed runs do occur. Fornost has always been a supremely annoying instance. Annuminas? It's rarely pugged for sfms. But I see it run at 40 or so. Even Barad Gularan is run for deeds (probably Savior of Eriador), and that's probably the hardest of all SoA content.

    Population-wise, as you may have read here, end-game is a small community. Raiding is essentially non-competitive. Pugging nontrivial content at level cap (the old cap, at least, meaning Sari-surma/Lost Temple/OD) was difficult. On the flip side, I do not know many good players unable to get things done because they aren't in a raiding group. In part because the server is small, skill gets noticed quickly. You are more likely to find good players not in raiding groups on larger servers, and that's how (for example) it was possible to pug Ivar T2C. But that's not really your issue, is it? You want to be in a kin.

    The difficulty of finding groups before level cap is a persistent MMO problem. Unfortunately in this game, raiding and levelling kins are quite distinct creatures, even more so on a small server. If your desire is to run Annuminas or the Rift at 50, well, at best a raiding kin can get you several 75s to slaughter their way through, in part because the kin probably hasn't got 5 or 11 other people at the same level. If you are more interested in the level cap instances, you will need to get there first.

    Enjoy the journey, yes, but grouping at lower levels, without the full skillsets that enable classes to function as they should (or even function at all - see Warden), can be painful. Tomb of Elendil is very fun. It is also close to impossible in an on-level pug. On the other hand, levelling is so incredibly easy, and level cap pugs tend to be a little less painful. Your choice which way to go.
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    Re: ALmost awesome sauce (well... maybe not) player looking for kin

    Ight... I guess that's as much as I can hope for...thanks for the help ^^



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