"We are the Ones not bowing for the burning eye. We are Traitors to our kin, but we won't kneel and beg for mercy!
We will fight - even if they won't accept our help. Even then, when they are ready to hunt us... . To kill us... .
We will fight for all that's good of our homeland!"

The Traitors of Harad is a new Kinship on Imladris. We don't judge people by age or nativity. 'Working together' is our morality. We help each other to get through middle earth and we don't mock people just because they're new at the game. Traveling, singing, joking around - leveling, fighting, crafting. We all are ready to help one another. This kinship was created to connect the world.
There is no LvL or race restriction for joining and the only rule is 'toleration'. Don't be unfriendly and mean to one another because he's different. We try to reach and stand as one till the end.

Contact me if you wish to join . I'm online by 14:00 o'clock germany time (europe) and that nearly every day.