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    Experienced player looking for a stable, yet relaxed, Kin

    Hey there,

    I'm an experienced MMO player in my mid-30s who's grown tired of the grind and drama, and I am looking for a new and exciting challenge on Imladris.

    I played LotRO throughout the Beta, and for a few weeks after launch, and I came back to the game last year. I've been a hardcore raider and guild leader in other MMOs, and while I'd like to see the raids in LotRO eventually, I'm looking for a more casual environment right now.

    I'm a serious alt-o-holic, and currently have a mid-50s warden on another server. Unfortunately, the Kin seems to be falling apart and I'm not particularly fond of the server I'm on. I'm looking for a kinship that offers a quality social environment and is interested in a player like me. If I find a kinship I really like, I would definitely like to transfer my warden over.

    The key things I'm looking for are:
    - No drama!
    - Late night activity (I generally play from 8pm-1am central time)
    - Friendly and mature guild environment.

    Bonus points for having a respectable kinship name, or having end game options once I get there.

    Feel free to hit me up here via the forums, or in game on either of my current Imladris toons:

    Borric of Rohan - Champion
    Eothwyn of Rohan - Burgler

    Looking forward to a great LotRO experience on Imladris!

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    Re: Experienced player looking for a stable, yet relaxed, Kin

    Greetings and Welcome to Imladris!

    I think you might find a good fit with The Tarciryan Knights. We seem to be a kin of alt-o-holics as you put it. We are a mature, relaxed and drama free group who do a little light RPing and some causal raiding. Feel free to contact myself, Iorviel or any of the other officers in game if you would like to find out more about our kinship.

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    Re: Experienced player looking for a stable, yet relaxed, Kin

    Good luck finding a kin and welcome to Imladris.

    -edited after noting that transfers to Imladris are now available as of 3-weeks ago.
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    Re: Experienced player looking for a stable, yet relaxed, Kin

    Legion of Undercore is looking for casual players, we are currently rebuilding our active player list, hoping to get to the raids eventually and our active players have many alts. For the most part we are just a group of friends in our 20's 30's + just enjoying the game. If you want more info send tell to Roare, Aelinmir, Thisban, Quellepaur.



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