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    Smile switching worlds from withywindle

    ok so i begin lotro on withywindle, play for a few weeks and hit lvl 20. then after persuading my friend to join the game he reached level 7 overnight and asked to meet on a world. it is there that i realised that i could not switch to another world with my level 20, and no way am i making a new account now! what do i do if i want my friend and me to be playing on the same world? i did some research, is it really $25??? if so thats pretty lame but ill pay if i have to. (sorry i go off some games for months and dont like to pay on them too much) PLEASE ANSWER

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    Re: switching worlds from withywindle

    Just don't tick the 'enter last played world' when you start the game. Just re-roll on his server, there's no point in spending your $$$ on transferring a level 20 character. Alternatively, make your friend come to Withywindle, level 20 isn't hard to get to, it can be done in a few hours.

    Good luck

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    Re: switching worlds from withywindle

    If you want to play with your friend, you should be roughly at the same level. Best and cheapest thing would be to join him on his server and start a new character as well, because the first levels are gained really quickly.

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    Re: switching worlds from withywindle

    dont do it, make a new charactar, or else you waste money
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    Re: switching worlds from withywindle

    Well my advice is: tell your friend to make a char on withy, help him level with your lvl 20 and in no time u will both be the same level . I assume u did one of the three starter regiona (bree, ered-lui, shire) so u have two of them untouched. So you can level with him in those two and get the deeds done in all of the starter area. And after that you both move to Lone-Lands togheter
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