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    Are you tired of grinding hides on Arkenstone?

    Do you need 2, 3 or 4 stacks of hides to level your Forester, or leather to level your Tailor?

    Or are you just sick of grinding hides or leather?

    Do you have metal or wood, or can acquire some?

    I can trade you 2 times more hides (or leather) than the amount of logs/ore (or planks/ingots) that you have. I multibox for my own hide-grinding, and figured if I can earn them 3x faster than most people, then it helps you out to offer you 2x the leather/hides. Not only do you save on your grind-time (by grinding 1/2 the normal time) but I benefit from keeping the extra hide/leather.

    Some things to take note of:
    1. Tiers 7-9 take me longer to do, as most of my demand is for the lower tiers - and I've yet to get 3 grind-crews to those tiers.
    2. I'm not accepting Tier One materials. (Most people are past T1 by the time they care about crafting mats, and our kin members who need metal/wood should at least grind one tier on their own.)
    3. I am not accepting ingots/planks that are made from other ingots/planks, and I won't offer you refined leather - unless you ask for it. This means if you want to trade ingots, they must be smelted from ore, not Refined from other ingots.
    4. The default exchange rate assumes that you are offering the same tier materials for the tier you are requesting.
    5. For Khazad ingots, you must check with me to see if I need the kind of ingots you have.

    How much:
    1. If you want Hides and have Ore/Logs, then I'll get you 2x the Hides as the mats you want to trade.
    2. If you want Hides and have smelted ingots (not Refined) or thin planks then I'll get you 4x the Hides as the mats you want to trade.
    3. If you want Brushed Leather and have Ore/Logs, then I'll get you the same number of leather as the mats you want to trade.
    4. If you want Brushed Leather and have smelted ingots or thin planks then I'll get you 2x the Leather as the mats you want to trade.
    5. Keep in mind that it takes 2 Hides to make a Brushed Leather, 2 Brushed Leather to make a Glazed Leather, and 2 Glazed Leather to make a Finished Leather. It also requires some wax ... but that's a small cost and I don't care about it. So if you want Glazed leather, it's worth 2x the Brushed Leather. Likewise Finished Leather is worth 4x the Brushed Leather.
    6. If you want to trade for higher tier hides/leather, you must offer 10% more per difference in tier. (For instance, if you want Pristine Leather and have some Thin Yew planks, then you must offer 110 Planks per stack of Brushed Leather.)
    7. If you want to trade for a lower tier hides/leather, I'll offer 5% more per tier difference. (So if you wanted to trade T9 boards for T3 leather, you'd receive 130 Brushed Leather per stack of Thin Walnut.) Why the discrepancy in different-tier trades? Well I'm trying to primarily help out those who have excess wood/ore and want to trade them for hides/leather of the same tier, not get enmeshed into lots of bookkeeping.

    If this appeals to you, PM me here with what you'd like, or for a faster response PM me on GuildLaunch (Radawolf) with your request. Your request should include:
    • your offer of materials (how much, what type, what tier)
    • the type (hides or brushed leather ... or glazed or finished) and tier that you want. Keep in mind that Tiers 1-6 are the fastest for me to get.

    When I have your Hides/Leather then I'll reply in the same place you contacted me, and we'll coordinate a trade.

    For those of you who know me well enough in-game to trust me, you can mail the mats and your desired type/teir directly to Radawolf in-game and I'll reply with the Hides/Leather when I get them. No, I don't expect a lot of that... but I'm leaving the option open. Remember, if it's tier 7+ then it'll take longer.

    There aren't any rush jobs, so if you need it now then I recommend the AH - my real life always takes precedent over LoTRO... while I don't get to whack any Orcs IRL, it needs me more.

    Have fun!
    Leader of Living Craftmanships (Arkenstone)

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    lalalal wall of text, multi boxing is all i got..actually tired of having to grind to find any action in ark
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