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    population question

    I'm sure this has been asked time and time again, so I apologize in advance. I just started playing as a hobbit for a little over two weeks and in my travels from the Shire to Bree, I've run into mabye a dozen other people. Just seeing if when I advance I will see more or is it a here and there kind of thing?.

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    Re: population question

    Well, this *is* one of the smaller servers. It really depends on when you're online. There's more people online in the evenings and weekends for instance. More people also tend to congregate near major settlements - Bree, Esteldin, TH, 21st, Galtrev etc.
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    Re: population question

    Additionally, remember that... I think it was four?... I'll go with "Several" games came out lately that many people want to at least try before returning to LOTRO. I've spoken with a few other kin leaders and online numbers are low all over the place for the past week.

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    Re: population question

    when u get to end game you'll see alot more people. Galtev is always crowded. - M.
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    Wink Re: population question

    When I usaly join a new server I always type /joinchannel glff
    by this you can see clearly how many advense in game ppl plays at this server at this moment



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