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    An Elendilmirian Vet in Imladris

    I've been playing LOTRO since the Open Beta of SoA, primarily on Elendilmir although I took a year hiatus to play on Vilya. With the advent of F2P I had several friends decide to try LOTRO and as Elendilmir was not open to new players at the time they chose Imladris for their home, so I chose to start a host of new characters on Imladris so that I could help them out and get them settled in.

    I must say that I've been suffering from a bit of culture-shock on Imladris. Going from Elendilmir to Vilya was different, but not as different. Vilya was more of a everyone knows everyone kind of place with a few pervy Hobbit-fanciers (stalkers) thrown into the mix for fun, otherwise it was the same down-home, friendly, helpful type of people I was accustomed to on Elendilmir (just without the pie). Imladris has been, well...different.

    The Beginning Regions were crazy packed on Imladris. This was the first time I've ever seen layered instances of Duillond and Gondamon! I thought this surely must be a good sign. After creating my fourth toon on Imladris and getting them all to Master Artisan Crafters I decided I'd park my lowest level toon in Celondim and give away free Critical Crafted Items (L7-12) to new players, as many of us often like to do on Elendilmir. After broadcasting free stuff in /regional for an hour not a single bite. Alrighty, to the Vendor Trash it goes then. I guess players on Imladris are a self-sufficient bunch, no biggie.

    But then I started getting the Tag-Alongs. People who follow you for literally hours. At one point I had 4 people following me everywhere I went. None of them said a word to me, and none of them would respond to any /tells. That was downright creepy. Even when I would do something erratic like wander off into the middle of nowhere (to visit the Snowman in Ered Luin, for instance) they would be there right behind me. They weren't set on /follow as I toyed with them for a while to see if they might be (or might be bots). Nope, just weird people manually following me around (says the Elf that stops to /sing to every single 1hp animal I come across). Eventually I learned to just ignore them.

    Helping people in Ered Luin turned out to be my undoing. As I'm grinding Deeds I like to monitor chat and offer help in /advice. Things went too far too quickly when someone asked "Where's the Wardspire?" Common question...so I gave the LOC and explained where it is located on their map...only to get a "Can't you just take me there?" Sure, that's what helpful people do right? So we plan to meet up in Gondamon. He then spends a half hour asking me "Where are you?" and I keep telling him "I'm right in front of you jumping up and down!" So, I suggest he send me a Fellowship request since he is set to Anonymous and I can't send him one, or he should click on me and type /follow. Instead, he runs off and disappears! Fine, whatever, I'll go back to doing Deeds...except he keeps sending me /tells every 5 minutes asking where I am. We try meeting up at Gondamon again and it's another half-hour of him asking me "Where are you?" while I am jumping up and down in front of him only to have him run off again. Uggh! Rinse and repeat this 3 more times before he finally sends a Fellowship request and I get him to the Wardspire after having wasted 3 hours of my patience. Probably a young kid with ADHD, so no biggie.

    There was the usual share of Tappers (people who tap a mob you are already fighting), but I wrote this off as normal for a Beginning Region. I did run into a guy who was 10 levels above me in Dol Dinen (Northdowns) who kept tapping every single mob I was fighting and pulling aggro away. After sending him one sarcastic "Thx" after another each time it happened, I finally asked him if I had to go to another region to avoid him pulling mobs away that I was fighting. Surprisingly he apologized and explained that it was accidental because he would click one attack too many and when his mob went down it auto-targeted the next mob in range which happened to be the one I was fighting. Ah, he wasn't a jerk after all, just a wet-behind-the-ears-Hunter! After giving him a few helpful hints about some settings in LOTRO he became a better Hunter and thanked me and I thanked him.

    Bree-Land was downright unbearable however. The chat in every channel was constant and downright banal or rude. It was fun for a while watching a troll get flamed for two hours because he was asking irl medical advice in /advice ("If the Advice channel isn't for asking advice, then WTH is it for?") and then threaten to commit suicide over and over because everyone was "bullying" him. Yet that was the most tolerable of the conversations I saw! Well, even though Ered Luin doesn't have this problem on Imladris, I chalked it up as a side-effect of Bree-Land being a Beginner Region and because of F2P. I just hoped it would get better as I moved onward and tried to ignore it.

    Lonelands however was insane and the first truly negative experience I couldn't explain away that I had on Imladris that made me reconsider playing on this Server. The Tag-Alongs were back and following me everywhere I went, but that I could cope with. What I couldn't cope with was that I literally could not go longer than 5 seconds without getting a blind Fellowship/Spar/Kinship request. There were times I was getting as many as 5 at once. I couldn't even get out of the region, let alone quest, due to the pop-ups. My only option was to either set my toon to Anonymous and disable all requests, or port out. I chose the later. I'm definitely not going there again any time soon!

    Forochel and Angmar were quite the opposite. It was like I was the only player there. The sound of crickets was a nice change of pace but seriously no one was around. Maybe I'm used to Elendilmir that is always bustling at off-hours due to the large Australian/New Zealand/Pan-Oceanic population we have there. But between 3AM-6AM EST (-5 GMT/UT) there was literally no one to be found after Estledin or Tinnudir. Makes me wonder how Moria and Mirkwood must feel like!

    The last thing that really surprised me is the number of non-English speaking players on Imladris. The only conversations in Angmar/Evendim/Trollshaws that I saw were either in German, French, Russian, or Spanish. I speak French and Russian, so no biggie for me, and the Germans understand English even if they won't use it, but the Spanish seemed to be getting beyond frustrated, even agitated when they would ask for help and people wouldn't speak Spanish to them when they were trying to help out in German/French/Russian. Hey, a pan-global community is awesome, but can I expect less and less English speaking players as I progress on Imladris?

    So, what is End-Game like on Imladris for a Casual Player/Raider? Do people on Imladris actually talk to one another or just continue to send blind invites to eachother for no apparent reason and refuse to respond when you try talking to them? Should I be brushing up on my French and Russian and learning German if I stick around as English seems to be more and more rare as a common language the higher regions I find myself in? I definitely find myself feeling like a Stranger in a Strange Land.

    I understand Culture Shock is to be expected when trying out a different server after playing on another for almost 5 years. Every server has it's unique flavor and culture. However, has my experience so far on Imladris been unique or is it just because I'm playing at off-hours (and catching the crazies that are up too late)?
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    Re: An Elendilmirian Vet in Imladris

    Hey there- interesting to see your post. I'm not totally clear how long you've been padding around Imladris since it sounds like you've got a toon in the 40s- heck that can take weeks to get there or it can take a few days depending on your experience/time played. Anyway you mentioned that you had some friends that were playing on Imladris as well- that has, I'm sure made things more bearable.

    I ask how long you've been playing on Imladris because it seems that this server has changed recently. It was quietly busy at server start (I, having come from Landroval, would never have called it "really" busy) with at least layers in MD and Bree-town and public channels fairly chatty. Then once the rush of F2P people either got bored and stopped playing or reached level cap the population nose-dived and GLFF even became pretty quiet minus the annoying people being annoying. Anyway it seems with the RoI expansion that once again the low-level areas are crazy busy with people very new to the game.

    The blind invites to fellowships have certainly been rampant since server start although they seemed to settle down in the level 50+ areas. Still, some friends of mine playing healers or tanks quickly put themselves on anon because it was getting out of hand as they were leveling up. I think language barriers can make conversations, fellowships, and random advice/help rough and there will always be the unhelpful people that tell someone to alt F4 for whatever they're asking about. Seems like the veterans have gotten less patient with the new-players in general. Still, never judge a server population by the chats in Bree-land!

    End-game life for the casual raider? I would say extremely tough imho unless you're in one of the couple of raiding kinships on the server. The casual raider seems to want to participate in, or organize raids in a no-strings-attached, no you-will-raid-every-night-for-four-hours, come-if-you're-not-busy are mentality. Honestly, Imladris' end game population of quality people who know how to play their class is small and doesn't seem to be capable of supporting quality PuGs unless they are hand-picked and trained up. Raymin and I have both tried to organize more casual-type raiding groups but they have always either eventually or quickly fallen apart because we lose too many players and have no one to replace them with.

    So is there room for improvement on Imladris? Yes. Is everyone a blind-inviting trolling jerk? No. Is it worth the trouble of getting to max level and risk having nothing to do once you get there? That's a more personal decision to make but certainly nothing's going to change for the better if people don't actively try to improve it.
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    Re: An Elendilmirian Vet in Imladris

    First of all, welcome to Imladris.

    Sory about your first impressions here. I myself haven't had that much of a bad time. But then again, I haven't spent too much time in the beginning zones for half a year now. I'm sure things must have changed. I would, though, expect at least that much trolling/chatspam/etc from the F2P areas, as any 12 year old kid could simply make an account and play in those zones.

    I don't know about Moria and beyond yet, for the farthest I've gone is to Angmar. In general though, I'd say my experience with people have been great. I do like questing when there isn't too many people, just to get that immersion feel. However, I do feel frustrated at times when it's so hard to find groups (in pairs or alone, I've done a lot trying to get a quest done. It sucks being a completionist :P). But for the most part people I've encountered have been friendly and helpful. As always, I try to steer away from GLFF or the beginner zones.

    Hope you enjoy your stay! Get used to it soon .

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    Re: An Elendilmirian Vet in Imladris

    What you've described does seem to happen more during off-hours, but still happens throughout the day from what I've seen.

    Moria actually tends to be more populated than Angmar or Forochel on the server. Lothlorien and Mirkwood drop off again. I'm convinced there are people who just live in the 21st Hall.

    Because the server wasn't one that could be transferred to until just recently (last week or so, I believe), there do seem to be a lot of newer/younger/inexperienced players around. It will be interesting to see if the flavor of the server changes.

    I do understand, on a different topic, your confusion on what exactly is going on some times. As someone who is almost constantly in RP mode, I was initially happy every time I saw someone with RP tagged on. So I would attempt to RP with them. Responses ranged from 'what are you doing?' to 'lol' to 'oh, I just have this on to make my name white'. -_- Now, I inspect and check for a bio first, but still not sure why people who clearly don't want to RP go flipping the tag on.
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    Re: An Elendilmirian Vet in Imladris

    End game content is pretty hard getting considering that is takes hours to get a raid group and 60% of those groups are PuGs as with populated the most populated areas I have been is Galtrev I serious think that people just stay there to spam emotes without RPing and have RP on is so annoying usually I check for a bio but still when your getting spammed emotes and see spars all the time it is seriously annoying.

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    Re: An Elendilmirian Vet in Imladris

    Welcome to Imladris
    I'm sorry that your experience has not been the most positive. . I have personally found the server to be alot of fun and very respectful, but I must admit that might be down to the kinship I have joined and talk with.
    I've never been part of a MMORP game before and I've never been part of another server so there is little for me to measure it against. I know that I have only received one or two blind invites, which is not many at all considering I've been with the server since the very beginning.
    I have recently joined the roleplay community on Imladris as well and find them to be, for the most part, extremely respectful. From what I hear the end game is slow in places but I am also part of a kin that has plenty of level 65-75's and don't seem to be bored of the game yet.
    I honestly think the experience of Imladris is down to the people you surround yourself with. I've always had helped when it's been needed, groups to quest with when needed and had the ability to quest solo when I've wanted. Without a kin this would have been much more difficult.
    Having said all these I also like to experience the full entirety of the game. I don't level quickly at all and have friends who like to joke that I'll never reach end game because by the time I do it isn't end game anymore. *Smiles*. But I enjoy the game thoroughly because I take it at my own pace and roleplay considerably.

    It's been quite a ramble but in summary I would say: If you join the right kin you won't have an issue end game. In the mean time due to the state of flux the server is currently in there might be a mix of both bad and good experiences on the way to end-game.

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    Re: An Elendilmirian Vet in Imladris

    It's strange to hear that the beginning areas of Imladris are packed because for the longest time, it was actually quite empty. I wouldn't deny that the server has a fair share of non-native English speakers, my kin itself has a fair share of bilingual/multilingual folks. I suppose I'd have to revise my idea that Imladris is the smallest server. I haven't been through the lower areas lately but I guess it's different. There's quite a difference in personalities I suppose but most of the end game folks know each other though, and what was said earlier is true, unless you're in a raiding kinship, generally the server's unable to sustain a raiding PUG and based on your experience at Dol Dinen I suppose you can hazard a guess why. It's not impossible to get to end game on mediocre player skills. Raiding is a whole new different ball game.

    There's glff and world channels to join if you'd like to try. Most of us speak English there and are the older bunch of players who have been around for a while. I must say I am surprised at your post. There's also the aussieplayers channel if you're interested.

    My understanding of Elendilmir is that it has the largest Oceanic population. Over here, it's just a handful of us at the hours you described so yes, there aren't many people during the hours you play and there's I think only one prominent Aussie kin, Strength in Numbers, and an Aussie alliance. My kin's a mixture of some Asians, 2-3 Aussies and that's about it for the oceanic population. The rest are made up of European/NA folks.

    Just give a holler in world chat if you'd like, I'm usually around as Amicitia.



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