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    Looking for kinship

    * found a new home, thanks! *
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    Red face Re: Looking for kinship

    Hi there,

    My name is Leyawen and i noticed you're thread when i was entering the lottery and thought i want to responed to it.

    Our Kinship is a Fun loving Kin,there is no hate only love. We love to help and recieve it too,now we do have voice chat whenever it's needed. You might just have to tell people you want to voice chat because some of us don't have it turned on but we will gladly accept your request anytime. Being a tier 4 will be alot of help to most of us,i have not done alot of crafting so it will be a big help to me and other's.

    Our Kinship leader's name is Nicotank(his main one) he also has Nicosuave,Nicowolf and alot other's i just can't remember all of them right now lol. He's wife's character's name is Indicis,they know almost everything about the game and will help out anytime when they are online,nico works so he can't be on constantly. But me and my boyfriend(Galamothh) are on almost all the time so whenever you need help and nico isn't on,we will gladly help . We accept anyone and everyone who want's to join our kin,now our kinship Lifespan is Rank8 and we also do Skirmishes every saturday at 10pm central time. We also have a Kinship house in the Shire,you can add any decoration in the house as you wan't. Sorry if my messege is to long lol i'm just trying to think of everything i can so you won't be left out of anything. Oh yeah we also have a Dragon Kinship website if you would like to check it out first too.. http://dragon.guildlaunch.com Our kinship is called Dragon.

    Here's some contacts for you: NicoTank,Leyawen,Galamothh or Indicis. Now you can try any of those,but most likely me and gala are gonna be on,if you wan't to you can join and try our kin out and if your not satisfied then you can leave whenever you feel like it . No pressure take your time to think it over.

    Well i guess i will take my leave now

    Contact anyone of us at anytime,be safe and have a great day. Bye for now.



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