Ok first, this is not ment to be a complete set up to make the best Minstrel, its mainly due to the amout of minstrels on my server (Laurelin) asking me about my set up, so i would like to share to the lotro community, please remember this is my set up, and might not be best set up a mini can get, but it does the job.

Zeal, Valour, Loyalty, Honesty, Wisdom
Glorios Anthem, Smooth Voice, Flow of Harmony, Lyrics of Bravery, Absolute Pitch, Subtle Movements, Forcused Performance (i swap this with Enduring Morale when im in a pug group, or when on a hard hitting boss fight)
Master of tales, Rally, Fellowships heart

As you can see above, i like doing 5 yellows for duo tale, i know blue traited you can crit alot and very high crits, but i prefer buffing my fellowship, and i smile when i see the champs in my group get 7k+ attacks

My Gear
5 piece Draigoch armour, with the Vibrant Assaul Pauldrons of Theodred (i would losse morale, and gain 200 power, if u used driagoch shoulders) and i use the driigoch VIT cloak, i dont see any need to get more will or power, so i went for the vit cloak

Careworn Earring, Glimmering stone earring, Fated necklase of theodred, braclet of the thoughtfull council, braclet of strenth remembered, western seas navigation chart, 2x Ring of willful defence (etttens rank 4)
Tho if healing is not needed as much i will swap 2 items, to Illuminated dunland lore-book, splendid resolute green garnet bracelet

Shining Shield

Exquisite Premium Clarinet

as you can see there is a few items i havent got but im aiming for 1500 will, the rest i will use on Vit, when in combat and useing tale of battle, and anthem with capt buffs i can get to 11k morale, and 8k power, i use coda every 60s for the power over time tick, tho i dont use the other coda,s as i dont tend to need the heal, i use 3x Major ballard for the +outgoing healing buff

My normal states when healing is importnat and people taking alot of damage is (no buffs include self buffs)
Outgoing healing -40,2%