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Thread: Facebook app.

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    Facebook app.

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but why not have a Facebook app that links in with the my.lotro API? This way we can broadcast updates to our friends and perhaps draw some prospective new players. It could be made so we can select which characters and what kind of updates are broadcast, but I imagine it to be something like the character log on the my.lotro character profile.
    So when I level up a character, on Facebook it could say '[name] Has reached level 75 on his Lore-master in the Lord of the Rings Online'.
    Shouldn't be too hard and would be tonnes of free publicity.
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    Re: Facebook app.

    Depends on whether WB would want to fund it. You have to remember that every development idea gets these two questions from a suit:

    (1) How much is this gonna cost us?


    (2) How much will we make out of it?

    Unless the answer to (1) is significantly lower than (2), it won't happen.
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    Re: Facebook app.

    No. No. No.

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    Re: Facebook app.

    Didn't there use to be one? I remember using it, I also found this old turbine site post.

    Turbine Launches New Facebook Application for The Lord of the Rings Online™
    WESTWOOD, MA – March 3, 2010 – Turbine, Inc., the premier creator and operator of massive, persistent online worlds that foster powerful social gaming communities, today announced the launch of The Lord of the Rings Online™ (LOTRO) Player Feed. The LOTRO Player Feed is a new Facebook application that is the latest in Turbine’s line of social features that extend the reach of its award-winning games.

    “The LOTRO Player Feed builds upon the existing framework which powers the industry-leading My.LOTRO social network,” said Jim Crowley, President and CEO of Turbine, Inc. “Players who use this new application will be able to share their in-game status and achievements with their friends and fellow LOTRO players on Facebook.”

    The Lord of the Rings Online Player Feed is the latest addition to the My.LOTRO social network, a free web service provided to subscribers of The Lord of the Rings Online. Featuring player blogs, detailed character info, kinship pages, and more, My.LOTRO allows players to keep in touch with their friends when they’re not enjoying the in-game LOTRO experience themselves. The LOTRO Player Feed extends these features to Facebook and allows players to fully customize their privacy settings. Players can install the application by visiting http://apps.facebook.com/lotroplayerfeed. For more information, please visit www.lotro.com.
    The link to the app doesn't work anymore though.
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    Re: Facebook app.

    Quote Originally Posted by Elenluin-Menelloth View Post
    Didn't there use to be one? I remember using it, I also found this old turbine site post.

    The link to the app doesn't work anymore though.
    Yeah, there used to be a LOTRO Facebook app pretty much like that. It would post "[name] is now playing LOTRO." when you logged into the game, and when you logged out it would make a post saying something along the lines of what character you played on, how many levels you gained, how many quests you completed, etc. I think it was supposed to have some other features, but they didn't work or something. They disabled it for a bit because of some problems, then it kind of just disappeared with no announcement.
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