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Thread: Transfers open!

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    Transfers open!


    I know that there have been a few threads before requesting opening up transfers to Imladris, so here it is!

    Do you think our server population will change? Certainly there are some who may want to come in this server, but is there anyone who would want to transfer to the bigger servers that are now open? (Landroval, etc)

    Your thoughts?

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    Re: Transfers open!

    befor this you could xfer off imladris but not onto,i moved when this server was new,now i finaly going to get all my toons to come here so i can enjoy them all

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    Re: Transfers open!

    I think it will be interesting to see if there is any noticeable change in server population. I do worry though that there may be an exodus of capped level characters to higher population servers in response to the "I have maxed my character and I can't find groups to run things on this server" mentality. We shall see.
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    Re: Transfers open!

    Agreed, I for one hope there more of "There's too much people on this server, let me move to a lower populated one."

    I do enjoy Imladris' small population atmosphere, but sometimes when you're trying to find a group for things... well...

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    Re: Transfers open!

    It's strange, but I feel that Imladris has been growing in its population for some time already.
    I heard that premium and free players had queue issues entering the server a couple of times and I get skill delay more and more in instances. It feels that Imladris is already getting bigger.



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