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Thread: Failure moments

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    Thumbs down Failure moments

    Do creeps know how to play? no, here are some examples:

    Burg at 800 hp, no DoT from 6 BA's at the scene

    Captain Last stand (solo) and run to EC, 1 DoT

    Guardian at 1k, 3 wargs, guard sprints and wargs run away (should sprint down)

    Warden Burn Never Surrender 2k, runs into LC, No DoTs

    Hunter hops on ledge west TA. 1k, noone follows they all miss the ledge

    You creeps rule out there!

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    Re: Failure moments

    To be fair i have seen some really bad players on both sides. Non-hunter, geared full morale chars running from solo low rank creeps, gank-leach squads, fail burglars that fight only when hips is not on cooldown, etc.

    Its not only the one side.

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    Re: Failure moments

    So it seems this is another complaint post...... Am I right?.....

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    Re: Failure moments

    I'm noticing a theme in each of those examples. Freeps running All that aside though, Arag's right, there's some dumb stuff on both sides. Many creeps do have fails, but you have to remember, most are new, and all are newer to their class than freeps. Freeps had to level to 75 and learned their class that way, before entering the moors. Creeps make a character, and regardless of whether they're good at their Freep or not, they still have to learn their class on the spot, while fighting. Just something to consider when saying how bad creeps are Also, it's just a game, not sure why people choose to make it personal all the time. I'm just out there to have fun, but some people just feel the need to send messages like "you're a fail warg" or "creeps suck", blah blah, etc. (though honestly, when I get those messages, it just tells me I'm doing my job right ) Let's try not to turn this into another hate post, there's enough of them. See you all out there!
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    Re: Failure moments

    I have only played as a creep for 7 days and I am still learning when to mash what buttons. I have upset a couple people on the creep side but I hope they realize it's mainly my ignorance on the proper position to be in when in different scenarios. I would like to give props to Zebabee(sp) who has taken the time to walk a few of us newbies through various situations.

    And I apologize to the Warg who I stole some inf from last night on his kill. When I see a freep, I tend to shoot first and think later. In the future, I will wait for you to drop him, unless if you succumb to your injuries. Unless he has the usual 7 friends, where I will run screaming like a little schoolgirl back to the safety of Grams.
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    Re: Failure moments

    wow another post bout ppl who fail. Dont we all fail occasionally? when i see a group of freeps heading my way i admit i will run screaming like a little ***** back to the neares creep area its in our nature to attack when were at the most advantegous and have a better chance of winning. Are you saying you would run run into ec and chase this one freep at 2k into fm an and the npcs?



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