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Thread: Phoenix Reborn

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    Phoenix Reborn

    Hello everyone!

    Are you looking for a group of friends to join you in your adventures in Middle Earth? Phoenix Reborn is always looking for new members who are mature, group-oriented and committed to helping each other in our battle against the Dark Lord, crafting that special item, or just finding that special outfit. Our kinship is like a family, and we'd like to see it grow!

    We strive to keep an active kinship with these goals in mind:


    We believe a kinship should be like a family, all kin members are free to express their thoughts and feel a sense of community. Shared knowledge and free discussion in the kinship is very important.

    Strong Crafting Community

    Our focus on crafting allows us to cover all professions equally, ensuring readily available crafted items to all our kin members. Material and resource distribution is simplified with our "Crafting Circle" system, and ensures the best crafters get the items they need to keep contributing to the kin.


    We desire a diverse range of players and play styles. All time-zones, levels, and play styles are welcome.

    Our original player base was established on Bullroarer during the F2P beta, as members of Rising Phoenix. Afterward we decided to start anew with a partnership with Rising Phoenix and establish ourselves on Imadris.

    We were one of the first kinships established on Imladris before F2P went live, and are currently a rank 10 kinship.

    Take a look at our site, http://prlotro.guildlaunch.com/, if you're interested in joining, and say "hi" if you see us in-game!
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