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    Nov 2011

    Returning player looking for Kinship

    Hi Imladris community
    I returned to LOTRO 3 days ago and I am rolling the same class I used to play back on SoA - guardian.
    I am looking for a serious yet mature, not hardcore PVE kinship (or the "breading" kinship of one) to join and mingle with the community as I level.
    I have vast MMO experience in PVE, and I am not at all here looking for people to boost or rush me to 75. I want to enjoy the ride and lore, specially after 45 since I never did it.
    Depending on my work schedules and life plans, I play either 18-02 or 22-02 GMT time.

    See you in game.

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    Cool Re: Returning player looking for Kinship

    I just joined The Followers of Valacirca not long ago. They are in Imladris, they have 43 members, not sure what rank but everyone I have meet is really friendly to play Lotro with. I would send you an invite but I am not an officer so you should look up the leader, Fahillin. She is a level 23 Elf minstrel. I'm sure she would be glad to let you join.

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    Nov 2011

    Re: Returning player looking for Kinship

    Thanks for the tip.
    Will get in touch with your leader when I get home later today.
    If the leader is level 23, I am not entirely sure that is the kin I will want to be in in say.. 2 month.
    I want to experience the raid content, and I know a guild/kinship can be at the same time fun, reasonably casual and effective, so that is what I am looking for. the kinship can also "shape up" to raiding standards down the road, right?

    We will see.



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