I have never had so much trouble with custom UI installs as I have with this game!

I've downloaded the TURBINE examples, and 2 others required for what I want to run. NOTHING with load. I've copied different files between different folders trying every combination I can. I continue to get errors every time I attempt to load a plugin.

The guides located on google or on LOTROInterface.com appear to be way outdated or otherwise not useful. Maybe I've missed a key readme file somewhere.

That being said...

Can someone describe exactly which files go into what folders so that I can get some of these plugins to load. Even the TURBINE plugins fail to load. If anything you would expect those to work?

There is a "Turbine" folder that nothing describes exactly where it should go.

There is a "TurbinePLugins" folder which appearntly goes under Plugins (but attempting to load any of those plugins gives an error).

Please Help! Hate to say this, but I've used plugins in WoW for YEARS and didn't have issues =(